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The AI needs to be tuned down/dumbed down!

1 posts New member
edited May 2018
Almost every single showdown match the AI makes a buzzer beater from anywhere on the court. This single handedly leads me to lose the match like clockwork. It is beyond annoying. It is so predictable that the AI is gonna make it that I know im losing the match no matter what my score is because if the AI is pulling up for the last shot I know Im about to lose whether if Im winning by 12 or 6, somehow that last shot almost always leads me to lose. The AI should not be making crazy buzzer beaters from anywhere outside the 3pt line, the majority of the time thats where the AI makes it from. Also these shots always seem to go in if I contest it. It's like the AI's contested shot is set at 99%, its too damn accurate.

Please fix this.


  • 15476923
    29 posts Member
    I post the same feedback - simmons and iverson should have the buzzer only in the 2 seconds left
  • Dino1122337
    1 posts New member
    15476923 wrote: »
    I post the same feedback - simmons and iverson should have the buzzer only in the 2 seconds left

    Im clearly not talking about the buzzer beater abilities (Simmons and Iverson).
  • jkillyan
    18 posts Member
    You realize immediately if the computer has decided that you have to lose, I limit myself to the two shooters harden and james and leaves me only the play that works, while when it is not made up everyone works with their percentages.
  • altruongcao
    1 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    The ai is bad.. I literally just lost about 80 percent of the matches in showdown... right after the start of the game you know if your losing the game.. every shot I take is a miss ... every shot the computer takes goes in... and if they do miss they get the offensive rebound and score everytime... this is really annoying and needs to be adjusted.. on the edge of uninstalling

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