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Needed Improvements: NBA Live

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NBA Live 18 has definitely seen much improvements when compared to previous Live games. However, please, please, please improve the following so that Live 19 will be even better than it's predecessor:

Animations- too little, too few (dribbling, dunks, passes, shooting form, free throw form). Steals are sloppy, can't play defense because of unresponsiveness and can't block if not a rim protector. Where is the pass fake option, over-the-back fouls, blocking fouls while mid-dribble, charges, flagrant, open-lane fouls?

There is no player contact, layups are far too easy and when dribbling in congested areas the ball should be knocked loose. NO CONTACT OR TANGIBILITY.

We need animations where we fight for rebounds, can dive for a loose ball, a pass fake while driving for a layup.

More hairstyles- All hairstyles/ facial hair should be available in every color (blonde, red, brown, black) at the least

More archetypes and body types

New mode- Need an online pro-am mode where we play simulated, organized basketball meaning a referee, fouls, free throws...

League- the league is boring, commentating is dry, other star players on teams do not play as themselves. No off-ball movement and the play-calling system is clunky (does not initiate unless standing exactly on spot and it's difficult to position player exactly on the spot as they tend to want to drive the lane)

Big games (rival games) don't feel big. When players get hot it should have an affect on both sides of the ball


Please fix the glitch where when certain tops are worn your chest shows through once the game begins. As far as I know this only happened when wearing the dri-fit type shirts (ones that are skin tight).

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  • Hello again, I'm anticipating Live 19's demo. I hope that we will be able to choose which NPCs we want to play with when we only have maybe 1 or 2 other real players.
  • It needs more options in general. Being able to play with people online in all modes would give what no other nba game can.
  • Should also be able to pick your position instead of getting assigned one.
  • basic features need to be in the game at launch. like being able to edit rosters.
  • So let me start by saying this is probably the first live game I’ve played since about 2005. The graffics are nice I like the gameplay itself. However the franchise mode is seriously lacking any kind of depth whatsoever.

    For starters no training, scouting and very low interactions at all. Also when players year to year improve it’s very small.

    Some things I would love to see if possible is maybe the inclusion of the G League? Where you can do a draft and stash and your rooming earns points for improvements as opposed to not playing or getting better or progressing.
    Also training and scouting I personally feel that tayloring players training to get them better in certain areas to where as they lack would be ideal. Scouting is nice for the draft. Also if there’s no summer league available maybe an offseason thing to where you can areas in which players progressed and others regressed.
    The ability to switch teams or be fired would be nice as well EA does a great job in Madden in this maybe try the same thing in NBA Live?!
    Once again I really loved the game play I was quiet surprised how smooth and flowing the game was but it does lack an insane amount of depth when it comes to a franchise mode. I personally feel like it’s just a season mode that you can carry over to the next year
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