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Currupted file issues!!

I was playing my career on nba live 18 when it just suddenly shuts off and restarts my system(ps4) so when i tried starting game up again it was saying that i have a currupted file that needs to be deleted. So only way i can play is to delete the corrupted file in which i did and ended up wiping my whole file out. I seen a lot of people on the forums with this same issue and it hasnt been resolved. We put a lot of time and effort in this game and support you. I have auto save to the cloud and also have EA account signed on every time .This is the only game i had this issue with. I want to continue to support your games and pick up nba live 19 but i need a piece of mind that if a issue like this is gonna happen it can easily be recovered. PLEASE HELP beacuse i love this GAME
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