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Ridiculous Showdown Game

Honestly i played NBA live mobile for 2 years and Now This game is comîng ridiculous.
I m Also 100 in the NBA team and 99 classic.
1. Simmons and iverson can score from Nowhere until 32s before the end. It s no sense
2. Kevin durant scores 95% of the shot and have 2 decisive shots -
3. EA launched 100 and 101 players!! That means nothing maybe 102/103/104/...125????
4. Improve the team is unbearable from the time and the money you have to spend to succeed
5. The showdown : I play 6/7 hours a day to be in the top 250/500 and finish in the top playing 10 hours a day- the best player play EA must play more than 12 hours a day. EA is totally crazy and it s not reflecting the real level of players
6. I m 100 and no 96/97 players can beat me - idem to beat 102/103 for me - what interest?
7. Cheaters : everybody knows that a lot of players hacks the game to have unlimited credits
8. Championship : what interest to play? You win a token to have a 87 player!!!!

It s my last time with NBA live mobile. EA make me crazy and destroy our brain with stupid rules.

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