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Cant play 3v3 with friends

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edited July 2018
I just stared playing Live (done with 2K) when I try to play with my friends then open the lobby to the public no one comes. We then try to find a game by pressing X at the same time, but one of us always ends up on the other squad. Does anyone have any real suggestions concerning this matter?
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  • Unfortunately EA screwed up basically everything that has to do with THE ONE. Its apparent they had people who have never played the game of basketball before and spent absolutely zero time patching any issues or making it more then barely bareable. I meant the loading screens and the constant updating game between every screen and the 10 minute wait times to just REstart a match with the same people is insufferable. It really just seemed like EA just through something together and then nevr really supported it. Its fun when you actually get IN the game for the most part but the rest is extrememly poorly done.
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