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My thoughts on making NBA Live 19 great.

I loved Live 18. Although the finishing was a bit too overpowered at times, it allowed the game to be extremely fun in game modes like the one as you could dominate your opponents. However, I believe the shooting was made a little too challenging, to the point where its very hard to make a shot unless it's wide open. I feel that a balance right down the middle between the OP dunking and the not so OP shooting would be great for Live 19. The game modes themselves were great and grinding gave rewards without having to purchase. I feel like keeping those aspects of the game modes and balancing the shooting and the dunking would be great to see in 19.

What're your thoughts on what we should see in NBA Live 19?
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  • It's crazy that no nba games give the total freedom of online play. The live events give a glimpse of what could be. But sadly there is only one event a day and that is the only option for co-op. It would be nice to be able to invite a friend to play any game mode with you. Play a franchise mode with a real team or use the one character you have created on a fantasy team. Create a match making system like other online games. Pve or PvP, the option is yours. Have more things to buy with the game currency. Keep it in game currency though, live really outshines 2k in this aspect. The more player freedom you give, the more people will play the game. Be smart to do it before 2k does
  • psYkePP
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    Give the freedom the pick your position. I understand you can't let everyone be a 7 foot point shooter but you can limit which position they can choose. Example: my rim protector is max height and a big dude. I Made him to be a center, but in the league it forced him to be a pf. No option to do trades or any franchise aspects with the one mode. Just random cpu rookies after the first season. This could be fixed with either regular roster updates by either ea or player made ones like 2k.

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  • NatureBoy2323
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    I will be honest, I'm a little concerned about the lack of Franchise news. All the different parks from around the world is great, but in order for the game to move forward, it absolutely needs to beef up the bare bones Franchise mode that was in 18.

    More frequent roster updates are a must as well. The game cannot go long periods of time without updating the rosters. Good topic @PlatinumDynasty.
  • Clueminati
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    I was thinking after seeing Candace Parker's tweet for the NBA Live 19 promo, and I wonder if there's going to be a WNBA cover athlete for the female gamers to attract? Her, Maya Moore, Sue Bird, and Elena Delle Donne can be marketable. Also, thinking about @NatureBoy2323's post and @PlatinumDynasty's post. Franchise Mode for WNBA too! Making both brands of the game more in depth can be huge for both.

    If this can happen especially where EA is doing great with legendary courts, and how they're going global with parks. There's Euroleague preseason moments, there will be clubs who made the Final Four Euroleague tournament playing against a NBA team. Then you have preseason games out in China. Plus the Basketball Without Borders event in Africa. Which surprising fans with FIBA.

    Or..... Impressing retired players like Jordan, Charles, Kobe, Chris Webber, Grant Hill, and Reggie Miller to appear in LUT.

    Many thoughts.
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  • NatureBoy2323
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    @Clueminati Completely agree, having a Franchise Mode for the WNBA would be huge!. I know a lot of folks were upset that WNBA was only Play Now in 18.
  • used to only play franchise mode in 2k. my absolute favorite was to create my fantasy basketball team and play vs my other friends teams. then a few years ago 2k got rid of create a team saying it was not popular. now the only draw for me is quick games and legends.

    in live 19 I agree its refreshing to not have to grind to advance your player in the one. they need to keep this aspect and also the minimalist approach to off court interactions. Do not, and the rock means do not!, try to create some movie story for your player. this is what nba2k does every year and they force you into some stereotype. and no matter how much motion capture and voice actors they get it ends up cringeworthy. I liked the dialogue being delivered through text messages and never actually meeting the other person so no way to make it awkward.

    also really focus on improving the animations. last year was a huge improvement from 16, but they still have some stiff movement in certain situations. add more reach in animations when they call a foul. last year I felt like I got the same animation everytime if I tried to swipe the ball from pg at 3pt line. it got old fast. flesh our franchise to make it less bare bones. expand the legend players available. add more commentary at launch. if your not going to update the rosters in a timely manner please give us the option to manage rosters ourselves. it just seems like a basic feature. being able to trade players and update minutes etc. it should be in the game at launch.
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