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NBA LIVE 19 WISHLIST/IDEAS for street mode and overall features for Live 19

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1. Please add custom dribble, shoot and dunk packages where you can create your own custom set of moves like you can do with the celebrating where you push the trigger a certain way and you perform that assigned move that you chose for that direction.

2. Also bring in CUSTOMIZABLE "(OUTDOOR)" COURTS like the creator used in NBA Street V3

3. Also bring day and night options for these street courts where we can select in a mode like an exhibition etc before hoping in a game like where we can choose each player for both teams. For example a Day version of the Rucker or Night version of the Rucker etc that can be selected before starting the game.

4. Also bring in commentators for the street games like DJ Cucumber slice aka Bobbito Garcia from NBA Street . The commentating jokes would just add that cherry on top with the humor these guys could bring to these street games.

5. Also make hit detection matter when players are going up for a lay-up or dunk.
For example a player like LeBron should be able to dunk on somone like a Steph Curry without much trouble in the air but should have less of a success rate with a big man like Joel Embid maybe throwing up a layup attempt, falling down or dunking on him.
Basically make the weight of the player and their skill level matter which means a Allen Iverson should not get very far trying to back down a Shaq sized type player
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  • OR19NDO
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    First I want to say the game is looking AMAZING! from what I've seen so far. Here are a couple more suggestions to add towards the game to give us THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE.

    1: Add charging calls as NBA live was extremely rare to receive those calls

    2: Be able to pass out of a jump shot WITHOUT ball automatically going out of bounce leading to a turnover

    3: During certain plays have players run/crash into camera man/women and only during highlights show the instant replay from the camera lens as player ran into them and either helped them up or just simply walked away. (Can also add players jumping/diving into stands(crowd) and taking time to get back into play)

    4: Should work on adding special PASSES badge or traits like Jason Kidds behind the back pass, Jason Williams famous elbow pass (maybe by double tapping O while pressing left then right on the joystick at the same time but only with badge or type equipped), Rajan Rondo behind the back fake pass/layup or into pass, Steve Nash passing in general etc

    5: Im a HUGE NY KNICKS fan and watching gameplay so far on Kevin Knox his dunk package should mostly consist of double feet LEANING 2 hand dunks.

    6: Add a mode where your created player can play against a friend or online created player and the team that their player (in THE ONE MODE) got drafted to.

    7: Should add escalated EMOTIONS basically when playing the game and it is getting extremely intense ESPECIALLY during the playoffs players look as if they are going to fight with another player while other players get involved as well as coaches and officials to separate the action and then the official heads towards the scorers table to review replays on hard fouls while handing out techs(some players like Draymond Green gets ESCALATED or INTENSE BADGE) which occurs more frequent with NBA players who are known for having wild personalities (ala Ron ARTEST). (can make this happen if a player like Draymond keeps hacking and fouling the same star player continuously like a LEBRON JAMES and after a last HARD FOUL it can lead up to an altercation. This adds to the realism of the current NBA game WITHOUT actually adding fights! (maybe even add in game decisions where you pick to either argue back or walk away causing in game effects like crowd going wild or teammates gets a slight boost in energy! (Or add it in THE ONE so it happens to your created player and you'll have to decide either to walk away or argue back)

    8: Ive noticed during fast breaks it almost feels like everyone else is faster then you and it seems difficult to get a transition dunk EVEN if a SLOW CENTER is in front of you, please address speed balance during FAST BREAKS

    9: Add in game injury where timeouts gets automatically used and it highlights how the player got injured (twisted ankle on jump shot, bumped knees, collision in air and flew into stands etc)

    10: Add LAST SHOT instant replay where ref checks cameras to determine if the shot was good or late

    11: Should have all dev team attend every NBA court and record/add what makes each stadium unique from game experience, home court sounds, game/team intros with theme songs, and enhance the experience during playoff games

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  • Clueminati
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    More hairstyles for the female ballers.

    Outside of that? More playgrounds in the game, and hopefully see the Giannis court that is in Greece where Erika tweeted that out months ago.

    - I do want to see depth in Franchise Mode for both NBA and WNBA.
    - I really want to see The One for the WNBA for the female players that is playing.
    - Have G-League; Euroleague; CBL; and other leagues across the globe playing a factor for both NBA / WNBA.
    - Bring back FIBA.
    - More depth in LUT
    - If NHL is doing 1 v 1 v 1? NBA LIVE should bring back those 1 v 1 games within a multiplayer aspect besides 5 v 5 and 3 v 3 (where they need to cut full court 3 v 3 to half). Have games like 1 v 1 to 15, 21, or 32; 1 v 1 multiplayer game depths like a game to 21 or a game to 32 with a total up to 10 players playing with a score count showing the points per basket. Also have the 2 v 2 games as well.
    - Bring back NBA LIVE Academy
    - Bring back the Practice Gym to finesse your skills on the player you have created
    - Online Dynasty which it's the same in the Franchise Mode with a twist, but have the group that you're in create a team where it's Fan Duel or Draft Kings. Where you can work with one superstar, but you got to build that player with a supporting squad based on how you balance your budget. Which you also have to look at the chemistry, and how you want that play style will be.
    - More shoe companies. I know the complete focus is mostly on Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Converse (that's part of Nike). We have to look at shoes from BBB, Reebok, Puma, Li-Ning, Peak, and not just sit there seeing shoes that are straight generic where they didn't make the game. I want to see tremendous varieties of shoes coming in to the game.
    - ESPN Integration. I keep preaching this, and I will continue on to preach this. Bring in the ESPN Integration where both NBA on ESPN and NBA on ABC is part of it. This integration has not been used since NCAA College Basketball 10 where that too had ESPN and CBS. With different commentary feeding off with each other.
    - Synergy needs to be the factor on how the game is played per player where last nights stats should be generalized factor on why Carmelo Anthony had a off night; James Harden's shooting percentage in shot chart effects the way he plays in the game; how Lonzo Ball slowly filled up a stat sheet with his defense; etc.
    - No more generic players; no more missing players; no more late player movements; and definitely no more lack of bench depth on why these players are not on the team. I have been talking about that on the last thread where everyone spoke up about it.

    I'll speak more into this Wishlist after the demo drop.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
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