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I do not like that we have to start over everything on Nba Live Mobile again. The only reason I do not like Nba Live Mobile is cause each season when y’all make us start over for the next season y’all never change anything except the events and head to head we have the same players and there are some players I want on the game and events I would like to but y’all never change anything. I think it would me cool to be able to create a player for the game. Thank you I can’t wait for a response.


  • Agree about hating the fact we have to start over again. Makes no business sense at all and is a complete waste of our time. All this effort we put into the current lineups that arent maxed yet and we are forced to start over again. The current lineups need to be carried over as the main lineups for season 3. Theres plenty of upgrading we can still do with the cards we currently have. No need to start from scratch.
    But then I am not EA so I cant make those executive decisions. Lol
  • I think we still need to get Michael Jordan on the game and I totaly agree with you what if ea decides to put a nba lineup a classic nba lineup a WNBA lineup and a classic WNBA lineup what about that
  • We paid alot of money to build these teams the way we wanted to and they shouldnt be able to take away what we bought with "our" money! If I wouldve known that we dont get to keep the team we bought with our own money, I wouldve never put a dollar on this site. I have built a 105 overall team and now they can take away my teams I paid thousands of dollars for and now I have nothing! They dont warn you about losing what you buy at the end of the year, so sounds like a lawsuit to me!!
  • I agree. Just to ask will they ever make Michael Jordan on the game
  • I just do get why we have to get rid of every person on my team why can’t we keep a couple of players for the next season. And why can’t y’all create Michael Jordan For NBA LIVE MOBILE
  • The reason they can't create MJ is because they do not have the rights to do so.
    Moderator and AHQ Hero.
  • The rights I thought he played in the NBA so I would think that is all the rights you need to make him. And I have an idea for a awesome event but I will need MJ for it.
  • What about adding a WNBA lineup for the game
  • Rights dont work like that unfortunately, especially as MJ doesn't play in the NBA anymore. I could see the WNBA being added, as it's already in the console version.
    Moderator and AHQ Hero.
  • But I don’t play nba live I only play nba 2k and sometimes madden but madden is garbage
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