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Pantheon Player Cost Me A YEAR's Worth Of Playing

Let me start by saying I love, or at least loved, this game. I played for a ton of hours building a squad that could compete with top teams.
I do pretty well with auctions and always watching which players are selling. When I had an opportunity to get a 105 Pantheon player, I immediately started thinking about how much they would sell for. I checked the auctions and sure enough, you could search for the Pantheon program to buy and sell them. I thought I was gonna be the first to sell a pantheon player and be rich! ...not so much. I double checked that I actually could sell these players by looking everywhere for a "non auction" somewhere in the sets, again nothing.
So half full of confidence I traded in my top 5 starting players to get this stupid card. Turns out that i cannot auction this card and now lost a year's worth of starting line players. I called EA and they were nice, however, did not do anything. I just want my old players back.
They recommended I post here to see if the forum master can do anything. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
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