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I think there should be on nba live mobile a nba lineup a classic nba lineup a WNBA lineup and a classic WNBA lineup in the game. And also I believe y’all should create MJ for the game. And I would like to have an event that has all the top players ever from every team in the nba ever. Or maybe y’all could have a college basketball lineup. And can y’all please stop making us restart are lineups it is getting annoying. Thanks I would love to hear your thoughts


  • All great suggestions. As some of those things are barely in the console version of the game I don't see them coming to mobile just yet. But it would be great to see these implemented into the game if possible over time.
    Moderator and AHQ Hero.
  • And why can’t we y’all create MJ for nba live mobile
  • Can you tell what are some of the stuff y’all are going to change for nba live mobile season 3 cause y’all do not change anything and I just thought of this but could y’all create a thing we’re each year you could choose 3 or so players from each year you can bring back to be in your lineup for season 3
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