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First Impressions Demo Thread

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Post your thoughts of the demo.
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Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.


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    i dont know if it is up yet on PS4 USA region. i still dont see demo. ill wait a little longer probably wont have time to play tomorrow will have to be staurday so was hoping to get a little in tonight.

    Update: downloading now. ill post my comments in the morning

    Update 1: After spending 4-5 hours with the game and directly against live 18

    So ive played enough now i can form some opinion on the demo. First thing i noticed is the animations are a lot more fluid. far less frame skipping so you can actually see what is happening instead of the ball suddenly ending up somewhere. also, just in general the gameplay is smoother. it feels like they've added more dribble moves and changed the timing. i like the depth added to the archetypes in the one. everything seems to give more choices about how to build your player.

    cons: body types seems all too thin. everyone has durants body. look at demarcus cousins and draymond green, they seem to have lost 50 lbs. other bigs are the same way. still some awkward movement animations. worst was during the drills walking around at the end their legs are janky and dont move correctly. still the same odd holding hands out animation right before receiving the pass during free throw. menus are still clunky and dont move through as fast as they should.
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  • Its terrible, you only play like three story mode games and then you can only play live events? Garbage, why can't we play live run like we could on the 18 demo.
  • Oh boy, where do I start? EA Tiburon did you guys not learn anything at all over the course of NBA Live 18? It's seem like Graphics and The One was the only main focus. Overalll this Is just NBA Live 18 ver 1.5 with an updated UI and few tweaks here and there. Don't expect to get those same sales numbers cause after playing this mess of a game I can't justify dropping $60 on this. Game is terrible outside The One and that's not doing it for me. WNBA & NBA Play Now gameplay on Superstar difficulty is broken on both sides of the court, the AI on cpu controlled team is highly OP on Defense on every aspect, with steals on passing sitting on top followed by on-ball steals then in the paint blocks success that only happens in the 2nd half of the game. Play Calling is another issue, why does it take forever for the play to setup after goin to the black spot? That new momentum bar that's been added is broken for user, cpu user gets a bigger boost out of it than user for example Cousins get a blk meter goes up 2 bars, I get a blk with Horford I get 1/4 of a bar, KD knocks down a open midrange jumper of a catch and shoot and gets 2 bars, I blowby Step after a crossover move then finish on Cousins and get nothing and this is only of 1 shot attempt or blk attempt. CPU abusing the step back shot for 100% success rate. Contested 3 being made at the end of the shotclock after the cpu been standing still for the last 7secs and the user is all up in his mug whie holding the shot contest button. Post moves serve no use, defender aways win unless you're using Boogie. Hookshots aways miss no matter how close you are to the basket or even on a height mismatch example Horford vs Curry or KD on Rozier. There's so much to be addressed it's pointless I can't even wrap my head around it. Do y'all even play this after making it? How is this acceptable ?
  • I like some aspects however it does feel same-same, you need to introduce a solo play for live events as the issue with "random players" is happening again with the "Look at me" style of play, the number of times I slash, cut and go backdoor and get no love even when wide open shows that no matter what you the devs think the reality is the opposite.

    Also, leave the co-op rewards to 1 item only, and let people who miss out on getting these live event items to make them purchasable from the store after the fact, this never happened in NBA Live 18, so make it happen in NBA Live 19.

    I'm also wanting to focus on The League, The Pro-Am, LIVE Ultimate Team and getting my 3x Hypes to Icon Status.

    PLEASE DON"T FOCUS ON THE "LIVE EVENTS" Only, people who game for 1-2 per day want to progress their gameplay not just collect cosmetics (this includes Courts, Balls, Players)
    Melbourne, AUS
  • I can't even play the demo. Every time I try to play a game mode it freezes on the loading screen. I've uninstalled it like 3 times, hard reset the xbox, unplugged it and everything.
  • The entire experience feels extremely restricted compared to last years demo which ultimately make me buy that game rather than 2k last year. The UI is nice... But it's laggy. I understand its day 2 of the demo, but the current state of it is enough to work against Live 19 heavily right now.
  • live 18 was the first game in 2 years so they were trying to get most people playing as possible. thats why the released the demo that was so full. demo had a lot to do becasue they wanted to showcase the game as much as possible. now its not as much about that they just want to show some of the new features, the improvements. it not about giving it away.
  • For them to have live run on their demo is counter productive.. They clearly want u to grind.. Live run in the demo ended their games of the past before they even got started.. In my opinion..

    My thing is.. The game is obviously making it that yes u see the new features.. Have fun with customization... And all the other bells and whistles.. But in a round about way making the people who play this title to actually practice.. Its building upon what they had last yr and for the future.. So people saying it reminds them of last yr.. Duh.. Whats different is the mechanics..u actually have to vibe with the mechanics for it to even be remotely enjoyable while most consumers want a pick up and play game.. I seen someone on youtube saying the game sucks because the big men actually pose a threat in the paint... U can't be serious... And u also won't be good at this in 3 days.. Which leaves something to work for.. I like what they putting down so far..

    What i dont like is the lack of emotion.. Yes the scans were true to screenshots.. But u got westbrook doing a ferocious dunk with the same scanned emotions.. It dont change much.. Also.. I notice u got bigs posting up.. And when the defenders beat them.. Or they're an older player like brook lopez.. They just continue to try to back down for forever if the user dont intervene.. Also when he finally makes up his mind he squares up for a jump shot.. Right next to the basket.. And thats not true to life.. Unless u a kid or never played..

    Also i would like to practice on MY COURT woth MY PLAYER!

    I like the earn it thing yall got going on.. U got to earn ur keep this yr.. Practice fellas.. Cuz im sure most of the complaints are coming from pro level.. And when people who got their squads together and their mechanics people are gonna say their OP.. When really they're not..

    The shooting has alot more nuance so far also.. Than last yr.. Fade aways feel like fade.. I step dribble pull ups is off the charts.. I have to work on my paint game some more but ur bigs can actually put in work this yr.. I just like the right stick shooting this yr..

    Umm.. Thats all i got for now.. I just got off work.. Now im bout to put in some work.
  • Also if we're gonna play with randoms.. Their should be an indicator of a ball hog.. Ball hogs need to be demonized because thats counter producrive for the style of play u guys are promoting.. Its not enough that one gets ducked points.. People will do it anyway.. Just like you will have your rep.. There should be a neg rep system.. Like a pig over players or something.. Cuz that's ruining alot of live events for me.. People playing hero ball while playing a team full of legends is sickening.. Especially if they call themselves practicing then.. Also people who leave their assignment.. They got indicators for u and everything.. And people still want to leave their assignments.. And clearly the a.i is progressive and gets smarter as the game goes so they will beat u this yr if u think ur gonna leave the assignment..

    I mean yea.. U can leave those people after the game is over..but i rather their be an indicator so i have the choice not to play with them to begin with..
  • Oh yea.. Fix that facescan app.. They instantly turn you light skin.. Im not light. It scanned my face better than last yr.. But when implemented into the game.. Last yr yall had the problem where they have black faces with white bodies.. Now they turn u all the way light or white..

    Maybe u can fix the problem all together and make skins editable.. Just like the hair.faces. etc
  • Do you have any operation tutorials for back movements? I can play with myself. I can only take a step in the big dreams. Then I stop the ball and can only shoot. The big footsteps should be able to shake three or four times. Now I can only do one back movement. Stop the ball
  • In addition to the European step and the basket, many layups are automatically released, and the success rate is a bit high, so I hope to improve it more reasonable.
  • This year using Real Player Motion Tech, really played with the feeling of change, but there are still many problems, the ball action package as with the Live18, in addition to the Averson's float action with other players a different differences, other looks looks almost, such as James and Durant, looks very different. Jumping a lot more, very good, NBA star mill cartoon is still less, and many feel are repeated
  • skinnyboi85
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    As of last year I had both live 18 and 2k18 2k good but with vc being the issue for me live was my go to game and I got it into a little late especially hearing live 19 was on it way always been a live fan until the recent failures or no game at all so it good they getting some ground back so about the demo first time playing it yesterday felt good too be honest graphics are polish nice still new some improvements but a positive step forward what I do like is how you don’t have to pay for tattoos and that you earn your stuff thru progression which is nice gameplay I enjoy it seeing even the females ballers getting off this year I mostly play the rise story too get the feel of the game and ppl are right it like a updated version of live 18 with added features so hopefully nba live 20 be that game that sit at the top some stuff I don’t like live run events can we please play this solo or least have a solo run as some players don’t like to play team ball or just don’t play defense at all and cause the cpu to beat us lol love the court customization presentation etc need to spend more time to give more feedback but ea and live is headed in the right direction

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  • Steal animation is broken and it pauses. It looks like my players hands go through the ball and drops the ball on the floor which the other player just picks back up. Live 18 had better steal animations that were more fluid
  • I made another post anchor this year, and im still trying to figure out if the devs at EA really expect me to shoot shots in the post(hook shots, fadeaways). I know layups are effective, nearly everyone can hit them, but i seem to not be able to hit my post shots just like last years game, not sure if its because im a low rating in the demo still, but its odd to see everyone hitting crazy layups no matter the build, yet here i am a post anchor, and scoring around the basket is my specialty, yet i score just as consistently as any other build around the basket, but i cant play like other builds at all, (shooting, passing, slashing).

    I was also put off by the fact that barely any new animations were added for post scoring, and the ones that were added clearly look like there to the likeness of Joel Embiid. Also still surprised we cant choose our own hook shot and fadeaway packages.
  • My demo stop working yesterday afternoon saying still that theres a game update I've left it for 20 min then more than an hr and nothing changes but the songs on the playlist. I was genuinely enjoying the game but after almost 24 hrs of not being able to play the demo....I'm pretty sure im going to hold on to my $40 that I was gonna spend on the preorder when the demo was over smdh....now. SAYS IT CANT CONNECT TO EA SERVERS ERROR CODE ...NBA DCFEA ....which isn't the first time I've dealt with it just this time there seems to be no remedy. I DONT KNOW why I keep giving LIVE the benefit of the doubt ...madden nhl n fifa dont give me any problems. Oh well back to fortnite til the 2k prelude drops smdh
  • 2k prelude is going to be absolute trash. the game itself will be good but i remember playing prelude last year and as soon as my player opened their mouth i turned it off. its not my player when you have no control over how your player goes about themselves. the acting was terrible and it just didnt have to be that way. they could have done it like live that requires no acting because everything is delivered in text messages.
  • Nuhbehavia
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    The demo is less impressive than Live 18, the Rise is short and you can’t play Live Run, accumulate more than 20,000 in currency, or complete objectives once you reach the demo cap of about a 73 overall rating. Also, if playing the game before one of your friends are signed on you can’t invite them to a lobby to play together. This has been an ongoing issue since Live 18 and you think it would’ve been fixed by now, but....STILL an issue. Next issue, when going in and out of the menus the game lags a bit and it’s annoying to even navigate the menu because it takes so much time; especially when opening crates (do we REALLY need to open every item after purchasing them?? Just put them in our inventory). Smh. EA, you need to fix the physics within the game. Players look floaty when going up for dunks and there is no contact when trying to play defense inside the paint. Alleyoops almost always get stolen and if they don’t the receiver isn’t even aware the ball is being thrown to them! Are you developers even using motion cap? Finally...we still can’t PASS FAKE or HOP STEP. This is basic basketball fundamentals, please watch an NBA game and whatever they do just put it in your game, please.

    Why doesn’t the demo recognize that I’ve already preordered the freaking game?! Do I need to be asked to purchase the game EVERY time I finish a game? Do you need to remind me EVERY time I go to play a Live Strike game that I won’t be earning any hype, completing any objectives, etc?! I got it the first time!
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  • Allow us to choose our own end of game celebrations rather than making our players do whatever. Allow whoever is the host for a Live Strike or Live Run use our recruited players if we do not have a full team of real-life players.
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