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Max level for demo

Can anyone confirm if this is capping you out at level 10 or if it is level 20 as initially indicated in reviews?


  • I think its level 10. you can get max rating of like 75 or something before perks.
  • No online live run, 73 overall, level 10, 5 games in the rise. This is definitely a more-restricted demo than was on 18.
  • It is indeed, I would hope that they would change this immediately, I mean after just three hours of play I was already done building my player and couldn't do anything else, except play super laggy live event games, which I don't enjoy playing in the first place. They need to open up live run like they did in the 18 demo then cap our players at 78-80, but seeing how close the game is around the corner I doubt this will happen.
  • yes its a demo. most other demos ive played you get one level thats it. this is normal. live gave the game away last year in the demo. now that it is more known i can understand why they restrict the demo. i dont agree with it but i can understand it.
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