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What happens if you pre order in the demo?

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edited August 2018
Meaning if I go ahead and pre order the full game, will it allow my created player to continue to rank up? Past lvl cap 73 I mean? Thanks in advance for any help


  • No it will not, you simply get the discount which is at 40$ for people who have live 18. When it comes to the demo itself it appears to be heavily restricted for everyone, which upsets me deeply.
  • its a demo
  • Ok thx. Yes I'm aware it's a demo. I wasn't meaning the whole game would unlock Steven. I was just curious about my progress continuing on until the release date. Thx sterling too for the response, I figured that was what would happen.
  • the progress will still be locked but you will have the game once it launches. do you still get the discount if you pre-order from the demo? i though you only get it if you preorder from live 18 menu?
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