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demo feedback

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edited August 2018
I like the demo, i'm going to list my cons so far.

1. while you have the ball in your hand the ball switches on it's own which messes up the dribble move you was about to preform making the dribble weird and out of control at times.

2. the player creation area the weight system is off imo player 6'9 220 is pretty bulky which feels unrealistic

3. I know this probably can't be fixed now but the post game needs love with better animations and block animations need love too, my opinion can change on blocks once i see a high level shot blocker.

4. I know this can't be fix either but i hoped the icon system had more freedom like have any guard icon ability on any guard class example have s.curry icon with defender class or with a slasher class etc. I was looking for a bit more freedom.

5. I would like to pick how my player kicks his legs during a jump shot or post fade away and also pick my shooting form. i think i understand why you don't allow us picking our own dribble animations but jump shots i'm not sure why not.

6.update I would like to see ya remove those legacy animations dealing around intercepting passes, blocking shots, picking up lose ball ( not the new diving on the ground animation) but the ones where they bend to pick up the ball. plus remove legacy hook shots , float shoots and layups.

I will give a update on my feedback once i play the full game and max out a character and test handling, defense and jump into to franchise mode. keep up the good work.

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  • There is too much light reflection on the courts in live 19. Live 18 had it perfect. I looked at actual NBA games online and they look just right with live 18, not 19.
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