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nba live 20 Ideas

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edited August 2018
what if you can see other 3 on 3's while playing your 3 on 3. like at rico hines courts where two team are playing each other on different courts. i think s.curry camp also has duel courts and these are authentic and are connected to pro basketball off season life styles like pro-am. why not add ball is life channel influence in live 20

back to the idea, keep the lobby the same just allow the other teams to load into the court next to yours. maybe be able to challenge the winning team from the other court if your team won on your court.This is more for clans because some ppl will leave after that first game.

i think duel courts will work better for challenging winning teams but triple courts will probably look cooler just more happening on the screen brings more to the visual atmosphere. also allow ppl who's on the game to look at live games ( like in paragon) and allow them to place bets to win prizes and to gain in game currency for picking winning teams.
but don't make it into one of those you have win 3 bets to win these shoes. make it more like it's a bonus like you win the bet and unlock a court symbol etc but that's not the only way you can get that symbol if that makes sense.

I don't want to run around like in 2k park, i like the lobby non waiting feel and switching builds option.

Franchise mode obvious stuff like to edit player accessories,multi user franchise,creating community draft classes, edit player rating option toggle. would like in depth scouting system and build up player system like having trainer points to applied to specify players to get there rating better faster.

also hiring trainers and coaches that help with player development like coaches who develop guards faster but don't make them better mentality and vice versa. hiring good trainng company prevents player injury but hurts player stamina development that is the obvious stuff imo

I'll call this connected franchise where people in the community connects up to 10 or 20 franchise against each other under the same gameplay conditions. example: 40 game seasons, difficulty: superstar, 5 minute quarters etc.
they compete by playing there franchise and having connected franchise stats displayed on the connected franchise area showing stats leaders versus each other. connected franchise can start at 1 season and up, it will display who wins the mvp of the league between the franchises, coach of the year also have first team,second and third team off and def display user team only.
the good thing is players can play there franchise without having to wait for others like in a multi user franchise but still keep that competitiveness only human players can bring to the table.

final four style live run--- 12 teams of 2 on 2 or 3 on 3.loser is out winner waits for next team, winner wins live runs championship rings adding to your live run status. example: your a icon level player and a 5 time streetball champ if you was able to win the final four style championship 5 times.

hope this inspires more ideas.


  • Good post. I'll add this idea since there is already an option tree in place for celebrations.

    Composure/Mentality meter

    This feature should be applied not only to the player but coaches, referees, teams, and crowd.

    Imagine at the team select screen, you are selecting a team not only for their overall attributes but their composure in game situations.

    A veteran team with a seasoned coach has more composure than a young team with a steady or well versed coach.

    Now move this concept to the court.

    Composure breakdown:

    Crowd composure is based off scoreboard, team play, player's celebrations/plays and ref's calls/no calls.

    Coach composure is based off scoreboard, team/player play, and ref's calls/no calls.

    Player composure is based off scoreboard, the opposing player's impact (who he or she going against), team/player's play, and ref's calls/no calls.

    Referee composure is based off scoreboard, type of fouls committed, player, coach, and crowd interaction.


    In the last minutes of the 4th quarter, the crowd is on their feet cheering the home team when a missed foul call on a layup is not called. The crowd instantly boos, the coach on the bench argue as well as the player. All these elements causes the referee to lose composure to a certain threshold and call a technical on the offending coach or player.

    Home crowd is booing the home team due to their poor play which causes the players to lose composure and play poorly forcing the coach to either call a timeout or insert bench players in the game to give a spark. If the game is out of reach to win, the crowd begins exiting the arena.

    Home crowd getting amped over the home team's excellent play which causes the visiting team to loose composure and play poorly calling for the coach to either call a timeout or insert bench players in the game to give a boost. If no action is taken by the coach, players starts to argue fouls/no foul calls with the referees and hard fouls increasing a chance of a technical foul to be called.

    Player is on a hot streak on the court causing the defending player to loose composure increasing the chances of a hard foul, arguing with the referee or jawing off at the offensive player that is abusing him or her on the court. In alleviating, this case the coach calls a time out or call in a substitution for him or her to gain composure.

    Team is playing excellent will cause the team and coach's composure to rise (comfidence). The  team starts to become more active on the floor and run crisp plays. However, if there composure is too high, they may go on auto pilot increasing a chance of a comeback from the opposing team.  The home team's crowd is motivated to cheer and boo calls made towards their team. If the team is visiting, the crowd waiver in silence, disinterest, and faint chants.

    Player is fouled but no whistle blown. Player argue/pleas case with referee which leaves his team at a disadvantage 5 on 4. This player's composure lowers and depending on the coach's composure will do the same. If this sequence continues throughout the game, the ref will reach a threshold with their composure and call a technical.

    The opposition scores a bucket and was ruled a three pointer when he or she is clearly on the line. The coach loses composure and interacts with ref which calls for a review same as in Madden. This scenario is the same for the last player who touched the basketball. If the ruling goes against the the home team, the crowd boos or vice versa. However, depending on the coach's composure and ref's threshold these can bring forth a technical.

    Having a composure meter allows for dynamic gameplay and would bring realism to the game. The coaches, crowd, players and refs influences the game. This will also introduce technicals fouls and ejections which happens in the NBA. Finally, this feature pushes coaches, refs, and crowds on same court as the player.

    How to initiate coach, player and ref interaction?

    This will be initiated by the player. The option tree is already in place for the player after scoring or getting fouled. However, additional scenarios such as no foul calls and foul called will be added. For example, a foul committed by a controlled player used by me. I'm giving option to argue the call, do nothing, hi five teammates (encouragement) or shake head in disapproval.

    Coach and ref is computer controlled.

    The referee has a random threshold per game for their composure.

    The coach's composure is based off real life counterparts.

    All in all, you can have best team on the floor but are they composed enough to win a game. This will certainly add a fresh new dynamics to game.
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