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DEVS Plz Read: more reason to play 5 v 5 before game launch

ppl don't want to play 5v5, my ideas. add special jerseys, more xp, unlock players to your squad, unlock animations packages, court accessories, all from winning games and have it event base so the player base will always have reason to go play through out the up coming days,weeks and year. plz try to add this before launch something has to be done.


  • Online tournaments.. Exclusive courts only available in 5v5.. The tournament is the big one tho.. If the tournament was only exclusive to 5v5.. Ultimate live run event.. 4 quarters.. Spice it up with the court battle rules so everyone can get involved..

    There needs to be incentive..

    Along with battle rules.. The ball must touch 3 different hands before u shoot..

    I mean its various ways u can go.
  • Why it works for the other game is limited spots.. And u can see them.. So if the 3v3 aint open u run to the 5..
  • imo players wasn't playing 5v5 last year because it's less people and there is a higher chance of getting the ball. adding 5v5 with rules should bring over some of the H2h fan base but not sure how popular h2h was, meaning seeing different players each time you play in 5v5 with h2h player base. last year i seen the same players through out the year in 5v5, where as 3v3 rarely had that issue. my ideas might not be the solution to helping the incentive of 5v5 but i do believe with in 2 to 3 months 5v5 will die down a lot and we going to see the same players through out the rest of the year again.

    online tournament could help but how often would these tournaments be? to much could probably make it meaningless and to special like once a month will only bring player traffic once or twice a month mainly. plus is there rewards behind this? or we doing it just for bragging rights?
  • The leader board need depth and to be meaningful outside of hype.
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