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Pros and Cons of the Game? (Honest Review Thread)

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Keep it clean, and what is your honest take of the game that's out. What do you like? What needs to be fixed?

Remember, this is a pre-patch discussion until a patch is out, and we'll circle back around.

I'm watching a live stream of TahRealOwnal0t, and there are some head-scratching moments that I am seeing. Like Ray Allen 77 in LUT; rookie LeBron James (current LeBron James Lakers pic) 76; Al Farooq Aminu makes western conference all-stars; and the playoff bracket in Franchise Mode seems not very realistic.

But what are your pros and cons of the game?
Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.


  • I am enjoying the game so much I love the court battles their isn't anything to complain about
  • NatureBoy2323
    3651 posts Game Changer
    As a Franchise guy, of course I wish there were more, but I understand overall gameplay had to be addressed and it has been and then some. This game is so much fun to play. Besides lack of Franchise depth, I was wondering how many WNBA players had their face scanned?

    I am a huge A'ja Wilson fan, and her player model looks nothing like her. This may be nit picking, but I wish there was a Franchise mode for the WNBA. Maybe in future titles, it can be added.
  • Commentary is what's holding this game back commentators keep saying the same things over and over again it doesn't make each game feel fresh. Most of the big game reviewers like GameSpot and IGN even says this. It needs to be updated asap
  • 2k has live beat with commentary
  • wsm2310
    29 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    Really disappointed with yet another bare bones LUT. This has been an issue for years, yet nothing changes. I feel it is another step backwards, even after last year's version, which was already the wrong way as well. I just don't understand how every other EA game has a much better platform for ultimate team that has a ton more to do, yet they just keep going backwards with Live. I will say the gameplay is much more fluid this year, which I'm incredibly happy about. Still some issues with AI blocks and rebounds, but it's better than previous years. Franchise is a bit better but could use more as well, especially the ability to set up a fantasy draft how you want to set up your team and the ability to override trades. It's like pulling teeth trying to deal with the CPU on trades, they ALWAYS try and rip you off or won't trade at all. It's ridiculous.
    Also as stated, commentary is horrible. But seriously, LUT needs a complete rework with more depth.
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  • Face scan is a step back from last year. doesnt work often (constant errors) and when it does its poor scan. what exacerbates the problem is there is not a lot of head options to choose from.

    still some bad pass delays where you get stuck in animations and pass is seconds after pressed.

    i like the movement and improvement in animations, lots of new ones make the game flow much better.

    franchise and LUT need more love. in order for LIVE to take next step these modes need more depth.

    commentary is a weak point. its bare bones right now and very repetitive. i know this is something they can add to later so not too worried just current state it is weak.
  • Size seems to not matter.. There should be no way small guards are bodying bigger players.. I understand if speed killed u.. But that has its place.. A 5'5 130 pound player should be owning the paint againt a 245 pound plus rim protector at all. Especially with no finesse.

    There should be more moves in the paint..

    The dribble moves are solid.. Its time to build on what u guys have.. Size ups.. Dribbles in small spaces.. Change of speed dribbles especially with the left stick addition..

    I believe you guys should start adding the technical components of past games to make it a deeper game.. U finally have the graphics . now its time for the technical side..

    It seems at times defense dont matter.
  • FrostpawXVIII
    10 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    Join sessions unavailable from party menu when random-joining. (worked last year)
    forced animation walkaways with no controller input working at all. (Bug?)
    Lack of squad locker room where they can join a game as one party. (unimplemented feature)

    I asked for the last one last year, nobody listened.

    Everything else seems great (but I'm a deaf player so i dunno...)
  • wsm2310
    29 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    After more extensive playing, I'm unbelievably disappointed with this game. The only thing better is the stiffness in gameplay from previous years, everything else is a mess. Ultimate team is a half baked money grab and just frustrates me to open it. The rewards are garbage, cards are terrible, has no improvements to move it forward(actually goes backwards again this year), auction house isn't complete and all the money you would spend doesn't come in even increments so they try to force you to spend more. I wasn't going to, as I haven't paid since this mode was an incomplete disaster three years ago. Franchise is terrible with no depth or customizable options and the one is still a mess in regards to upgrading your player all-around. I trusted they would listen to people, but that's my bad. This will be the last EA game I buy unless some dramatic changes happen and they listen to the player base. So unbelievably disappointed.

    Also, the soundtrack is utter GARBAGE. The last few were good, this just sucks. Bad. Every song sounds the same, and incredibly terrible.
  • Oh, I also have one more thing that's wrong is the friends list still doesn't update online or offline status. Everyone pretty much has to relog if somebody is late for a squad.
  • Wont play or buy another EA game unless I hear of the SIM issue being fixed in some fashion in "The One" game mode. Player needs to at minimum receive stats and playing minutes in SIM game; game play is better and more fun, but dont have time nor do I want to play every game in a season. Will go back to playing 2k18 and probably end up buying 2k19 when I was hoping Live would give good reasons not too.
  • Nuhbehavia
    43 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    Clueminati wrote: »
    Keep it clean, and what is your honest take of the game that's out. What do you like? What needs to be fixed?

    Remember, this is a pre-patch discussion until a patch is out, and we'll circle back around.

    I'm watching a live stream of TahRealOwnal0t, and there are some head-scratching moments that I am seeing. Like Ray Allen 77 in LUT; rookie LeBron James (current LeBron James Lakers pic) 76; Al Farooq Aminu makes western conference all-stars; and the playoff bracket in Franchise Mode seems not very realistic.

    But what are your pros and cons of the game?

    The game is fun but there is still much room for improvement for it to be considered a "simulated" basketball game. Before I list pros and cons I would like to say that I only play The Rise (Street World Tour), League, Live Run and Live Events.


    1. Fun and enjoyable game
    2. Plays smoother than Live 18; movements feel fluid
    3. Additional mode (Court Battle) make the game feel bigger
    4. Option to add "Lobby to Party" and "Party to Lobby" are great ideas (haven't tested yet)
    5. League mode is not as boring as before
    6. Love the newly added between the leg dribble moves
    7. Foul calling in Live Run and quarters (YES!, thank you, thank you, thank you.)


    1. Need a solution for Ball hogs and trolls in Live Run and Live Events

    2. The game still lags in-between menu navigation- opening crates take forever and is somewhat an annoyance (just put the item in my inventory)

    3. Dunk animations look floaty, player animations at end of game look jerky

    4. Ball has no tangibility; when someone dribbles in a crowd or is near a second player, who is swiping for the ball, the probability of a loose ball should be increased

    5. Whenever an opponent does a snatch back that goes into a shot you ALWAYS fall and they ALWAYS make the shot, please fix this.

    6. Players cannot dodge picks by bigger players and are ALWAYS knocked to the ground. I shouldn't be forced into a pick. Please fix!

    7. Players, including NPCs, are unaware of surroundings (e.g. help defense, loose balls, alley oop attempts)

    8. Alley oops are almost impossible for users. The receiving player doesn't even attempt to catch the ball and when they do they almost NEVER finish

    9. Should not have an option to trade to preferred team right away in League mode (takes away from simulated basketball feel as this is not how it works in real life)

    10. Play-calling in the League mode is very testy. It is difficult to initiate plays or finish a play because the game expects you to stand EXACTLY in the black circle. The player moves around often when I'm not attempting to move or make contact with the defender, this needs work.

    11. Seems that friends and I are more likely to be kicked from Live Run games and application this year (improve servers/bugs)

    12. When in the lobby of Live Run trying to switch traits takes time due to lag

    13. When trying to invite friends to Lobby in Live Run or Live Events the game shows them offline when they are very much online

    14. Players successfully, complete flashy, contact dunks with an entire team of defenders in the paint and lift off the ground without moment to complete a flashy dunk

    15. Vague commentary (put the DJ from NBA Street in the Live Run games lol)

    16. Game breaking lag when playing multiplayer (Live Run)

    17. Players can speed boost and dribble side to side indefinitely without any penalty.
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  • Doc187XL
    113 posts Member
    edited September 2018

    Game looks great...
    LUT is alot easier to get players (dont spend money on LUT coins)


    Same clothes and gear from last years game.
    Too many contested shots falling when you're all up in the AI offensive players.
    Canned blocked animation by all Rim Protectors that always trigger a block on certain layups and all highlight dunks if theres alot of space between shot blocker and dunker.
    Lack of Live Events.
    Court Battles, was under the impression that we were putting a squad together to battel other ppl for a user vs user experience. Not this nonsense user vs cpu team sum person put up.
    Too many user vs cpu modes. Live Run is played the out...
    Shot botton dealay in Live Run.
    Weekly store items not Weekly... smh
    NBA players have no tendencies to where i'm like "holy ish that's really how LBJ or KAT plays" Magic out here ballin like hes Curry/LBJ.
    Gameplay becomes unlreal on higher difficulty in Court Battle (Very Hard) and NBA Play Now (Superstar).
    Defense is absent in Live Run because of input latency.
    Facescan app is horrible, all my outdoor scan attempt were all horrible. My indoor low light scan came out better but still trash compared to Live 18's PS my eyes arent grey or light brown

    I'll update as time goes by

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  • Matt_baby
    279 posts Member
    edited September 2018

    The game looks great. The modes are nice. However like Doc187XL said above. We were under the impression we would be playing against other users not the cpu. Online mode would be 10x better. Also as mentioned above the game starts to feel unrealistic. I thinks that’s due to the speed. I’m speaking from Online Head to Head. Even the online matchups feel like a racing match. It’s fast. Everybody is hitting 3s. Everybody has ball control. Big men are super fast. I think if it’s slowed down just a tad it would be a Great game. I love the game. It’s like real basketball but just needs to slow down. Turn down the jostle and blow by for the cpu. I love the game. Guess I’ll break it down.

    1. Love taunting feature.
    2. Love the realness. Like playing real ball.
    3. Love court battles
    4. Live run
    5. World tour
    6. Dribbling is great
    7. I love how the game is flowing. Movement and shots are flowing naturally. You don’t have to second guess your shot selection

    Great game

    1. No Online Franchise😥😥😥
    2. No Online Court Battles
    3. No WNBA Online
    4. No 5 vs 5 to 21 by 1’s.
    5. No My player practice court. (we need to be able to practice with our players.)
    6. No 2 vs 2
    7. No way to Start a 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 game without making it public to search for players
    8. Playing online Head vs Head I’m seeing dunks that should only be in the streets. Harold minor between the legs in traffic...that can’t be. Reserve that for the streets. Or only on fast breaks.
    9. Increase contact collision in the paint
    10. Can’t adjust camera view. Change height
    11. No breakdown of the game by quarters or halves.
    12. No ESPN end of game segment for online head to head
    13. Can’t change 3 vs 3 court to anywhere. We also should be able to play st empty arenas for NBA teams.
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