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List of things that nba live 19 team needs to fix, add and update

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1. Over powered layups(results to ball hogging we need to time our layups)
2. Off ball defensive Stealing
3. Commentary needs to say more in deatil (from tip off to the halftime show to the player of the game highlights)
4. Cpu AI on defense and offense
5. Crowd needs to be more alive
6. The invisible out of bounds barricade (take it out)
7. Block animations and timing
8. Cpu AI in franchise mode(trades, the draft, free agency signing)
9. Bench players reactions to dunks an ally hoops.
10. Pick and roll animations and post controls
11. Help defense/Stealing
12.stealing the ball when someone tries to go for a layup
13. Bounce and flashy passing (its sloppy)
14. Cpu passing IQ on play now an the one game mode
15. Rebounding animations
16. Last seconds of the game the winning team should hold the ball (cpu)
17. Passing out of a shot needs to be more accurate
18. No nba player should being making moves out of their style of play

What did i miss or forgot to add?
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  • 1. Allow 5 vs 5 to a game of 21.
    2. Add an Online Franchise Mode
  • Matt_baby
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    1. Allow 5 vs 5 to a game of 21.
    2. Add an Online Franchise Mode
    3. Court battles online
  • Timeouts are need for Live Run 5 vs 5. Make a captain & co captain.

    Could there be multiple players in a lobby and a group of teams go at it while others wait on the side or around the sideline and winners stay on...

    The game is nice. Need more...Online Franchise
  • Overall I love the game but there are a couple bugs. Like not being able to move your guy across half court on a new possession on defense to try and steal. Also my guy goes into these animations walking down the court on a new possession on offense and won't let me come back to try and receive the inbounds pass. I thought maybe it was forcing me down court because I wasn't in the PG position but being a playmaker I should be able to receive a inbounds pass to take the ball up court. Anybody else having these issues?
  • Lmao their Shawn Kemp jersey was perfect last year but they decided to "fix" it and put the incorrect Oklahoma City numbers on it. Who do they think they are, 2k?
  • Would love a “the one” mode for the female player. Or at the very least have a way to import her into a team for WNBA.

    Noticing a lot more fouls on 3-pointers in this game. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

    More off-ball AI player motion.

    More plays to be able to run. Or different teams have different playbooks.

    Definitely improved passing IQ as mentioned above. For example if I’m owing the play and I am going to be open, the CPU passes it to me rather than me having to call for it every time.
  • I’ve noticed rebounding. Players will completely miss a defensive rebound, letting it bounce to the floor right in front of them and letting the offensive player get it back. I’ve seen that happen repeatedly. It’s silly.
  • You can’t player lock in a game? Seriously, what year is this? That is my only real beef with offline gameplay. PLEEEAAASEE fix this NBA Live!!!!
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