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on line match quiters

It happen time after time
People see that they are going to lose so they quit during a game and it's not count.

It cannot be that I play almost full h2h game, and
Few seconds to the end the opponent quit, and instead of ranking point I get an error message.


  • All of the time! It's 2018, how is there no penalty for these people? Happens all of the time in Live Run regardless of 3v3 or 5v5.
  • Please Please Please Please fix this for LUT!!!!!

    It is killing the game mode right now. People just quit when they are behind and then there is no reward for the person winning.

    There is no online competition in the mode as it is, and this kills the little bit that is left. Really sucks to drop money on packs, and then find out everyone quits online and there are no rewards
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