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Foul calling Stealing and passing system

22 posts Member
edited September 2018
referees dont call fouls when we drive in on 3 defenders in the paint but they call a foul 5 times a game when we gurad the 3 point shot and why is every steal attempt a foul??? Fix it. Cpu passing I.Q is terrible too. Players would just pass in the lane when the lane is cut off


  • You need to learn when to steal the ball
  • Obviously you dont play the league or franchise mode so you have no idea what im talking about
  • FreshmanDam
    54 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    I do you just spamming I have no problem stealing the ball in league I have a problem with the CPU intersecting the ball on short passes
  • EA_Cian
    253 posts EA Staff (retired)
    Let's please dial down the assumptions about what each of us has/hasn't done in-game. :smile:
  • Dude obviously you cant read lol stealing is not the problem. The referees dont have to call every reach. some can just be a simple attempt to steal without a foul. Some people is not going time it right or know when to time it every time that doesn't mean call a foul every attempt.
  • EA_Cian
    253 posts EA Staff (retired)
    Thread closed. I just asked us to please stop making assumptions about each other and you've gone and immediately done that. If we can't have a civil conversation, we can't keep chatting.
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