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Defense gameplay sucks

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edited September 2018
Why cant me or my teammates help on defense right!? Why cant i steal the ball when i help on defense!? EA are you guys lazy or something? only thing it seem like y'all worked on was player movement and real player motion and ignored the game modes and gameplay all together. Really thats it!? Come on this is live 19!!! all the things we telling yall about the GAMEPLAY should've been thought of and worked on before the game even launched. its simple stuff too i dont understand. Sit at that round table an ask yourself what makes a basketball game feel real?!!! How can we make our fans feel like their actually in the game? Think about the DETAILS the MECHANICS the LITTLE THINGS too.
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  • OH MY GOODNESS. It pains me to play help defense because it does not work at all. The only thing that happens is when a player does a crossover both defenders fall. You cannot steal the ball when playing help defense and it's actually less effective than if one person were playing defense because the second defender is just in the way and then there's a guy open on offense. All risk and no reward.
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