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Who is responsible?

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edited September 2018
Who on the live team told the whole team to let the live community choose between 3 positions? Everyone that was in that decision should've looked at that person straight in the eyes an told that person to get out an dont come back but no yall agree. so you guys really thought nobody would want to be a shooting guard or power forward EA? There wasn't any great or legendary shooting guards or power forwards in the pass or now even for a icon choice? Who told the team to have court battle mode offline? Who told the team to make us play that trash mode to unlock some customizations? Who told the team to not put dribble size ups in the game? Making everyone dribble the same. Who told the team defense is good. They lied straight through they teeth. Who told the team the commentary is good? no excitement , Repeated phrases , no conversations going back an fourth about players or coaches. Who told the team to give every team the same playbook an not care about the coaches style for the team. That person or group of people need to Leave the nba live team for the betterment of this game. This game better have the biggest list of patches that I'll ever see on a game if EA want some fans for nba live 20 only thing you guys gave us that was good was graphics everything else is terrible.
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