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Official Wishlist Thread



  • New game modes
    The Tournament
    NHL have a 3v3 tournament so why cant we have that. We need it!
    3v3 , 5v5 , and court battle tournament
    3v3 make it up to 8 team competing.
    5v5 make it up to 12 - 68 team like a march madness
    court battle- 12 teams
    We need to create custom jersey, custom team name, custom gears, and pre game warmup gears for those with a squad 3v3 and 5v5 tournament and court battle
    Those who playing with random those team should be on a preset team aka the sharks, lion and etc.
    Every time you win a tournament you get special reward like free shoes, clothes, animation, new players for court battle, court stuff, be sponsor by shoes company, and etc.

    3v3 rules
    same as live run. either up to 11 pt or 21 pt to win

    5v5 rules
    pro am rules, nba rules, or AAU
    the owner of the team or the captain on each team should allow call a challenge on the court if the call look suspect like the nba if it nba rules
    let us have at least 4-5 timeouts

    If a player quit the game or have connection issue we should have a choice to disqualify the tournament or play with a CPU for a replacement if they win the game

    court battle tournament
    Make it PvP (player vs players)
    Each tournament or each game should have special rules yall choice just like regular court battle
    If a person quits we should automatic win and move on
    We need to have new tournament like every 2-3 days like live events to keep things fresh and have a least 2-3 tournament running at the same time

    One Last thing go get some license with the Nike EYLB, Adidas Gauntlet, UAA(Under Armor Association), and other big named aau circuits make it feel like it a real tournament. Add some commentator too
  • ^ Aka Celebrity Commentators like snoop dog and others
  • Last Minute passer dime fires.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • > @dominantking150 said:
    > Things that need to be fix or added
    > 1.Over powered layups(results to ball hogging we need to time our layups)
    > 2. Off ball defensive Stealing
    > 3. Commentary needs to say more in deatil (from tip off to the halftime show to the player of the game highlights)
    > 4. Cpu AI on defense and offense
    > 5. Crowd needs to be more alive
    > 6. The invisible out of bounds barricade (take it out)
    > 7. Block animations and timing
    > 8. Cpu AI in franchise mode(trades, the draft, free agency signing)
    > 9. Bench players reactions to dunks an ally hoops.
    > 10. Pick and roll animations and post controls
    > 11. Help defense/Stealing
    > 12.stealing the ball when someone tries to go for a layup
    > 13. Bounce and flashy passing (its sloppy)
    > 14. Cpu passing IQ on play now an the one game mode
    > 15. Rebounding animations
    > 16. Last seconds of the game the winning team should hold the ball (cpu)
    > 17. Passing out of a shot needs to be more accurate
    > 18. No nba player should being making moves out of their style of play

    For these modern off-ball animations, offensive and defensive fouls need to be named. In those 5 on 5, we're getting NBA JAMed out here. Grabbed or shoved. It must be 50/50.
  • Been a while just going to state the next NBA Live game should not get away from the foundation built and started from Live 18. I am hoping they continue to build upon this new foundation and just keep improving upon this foundation. As it has been stated multiple time Franchise mode improvement... More WNBA and Women influence overall... Add European League(s) especially younger players that can be drafted into NBA. Also Full Euro League Season too... Have more social media personalities especially from ESPN meaning fully utilize ESPN NBA analyst team. More dynamic PbP... More news and drama that can involved us or other teams so on... Franchise & The One have more dynamic events and so on through the years. Build upon the foundation point blank.....
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