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Official Wishlist Thread


  • A comprehensive Record Book within the One. I'd like to know single game records, single season records, and career records.

    Wed like to break them
  • Please fix the overall lighting of the game.. live 18 did a great job on that.. do the same on live 19

    Please fix the ball hitting the rim it looks so off and looks so unreal.
  • Cpu dont ever miss in the post. big men can go 20/20 in one quarter in the post. Contested shots going in an rebounding is still an issue an has not been addressed still
  • So I'm stuck at level 21 court hype. Because all I get is the same 10 people with HORRIBLE game rules. Please fix this. Not to mention that I got ripped off on my achievement unlock.
  • Without user created draft classes, editable players within Franchise, and ability to use game face for any created Ayer this game will hang a distant second to 2K. Add these things and I put it over 2K hands down.
  • kingcreny
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    This could be a great game EA could probably make it's come back on the NBA side if you commit to making every part of this game as real as possible . I have a serious problem with your franchise mode on this year's NBA live.So many serious flaws that shows you guys didn't put much effort into the franchise mode at all and there is a lot of people that really only play franchise mode for the simple fact it makes you feel as if you are running a NBA franchise but on NBA live franchise mode it doesn't give you that feeling.

    Heres why---

    ( 1. EDIT PLAYERS)You can't edit players- change there position/edit ratings

    (2.TRADES) Trades are not realistic you can trade for a player then trade him again right away when realistically you can't trade a player for a certain amount of days after aquiring him the makers of NBA live didn't look into NBA rules when it comes to trades or rules after signing a player in free agency

    (. 3.Coach/GM/Owner OFF SEASON )The off season on this franchise mode is not a off season you can't choose to fire coach's and sign different coach's ,GM's,trainers -- you can't negotiate player contracts--- you can't scout rookies or edit them .

    (. 4 COACHING STRATEGY )there is no type of way to edit how your team plays like the team philosophy if they are a fast pace team/defensive minded team etc.

    (5.)The whole salary cap system is off on this game compared to NBA 2k you can have 2 players on your roster go in to free agency and not have cap room to sign anyone then you just skip it and the CPU just sign all type of players for you SMH....

    I hope EA fix the franchise mode on the game asap if the franchise mode can be flawless for Madden it should be the same for the NBA and that's why this is unacceptable

    Breaking down your post for it to be viewable. - Clue
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  • Overall, I love this game especially Street World Tour and Court Battles. But I have listed the following changes on single player modes that would make the experience better:

    1) Having the option to have the old school shooting with attributes only (no skill involved) for Court Battles and Street World Tour.

    2) Have the ability for Easy, Medium, or Hard AI selection for Street World Tour.

    3) Having the ability to use Sliders for Court Battles and Street World Tour. As a note, using the sliders on Court Battles is only applicable on Easy Mode since courts cannot be taken over in that mode.

    4) Since handicaps are already present in Court Battles, they should only be used on one's own court instead of being imposed on another player's court. Imposing game styles (Outside In, Inside Out, etc) and attacker strategies (Protect the paint, Blitz Defense, etc) is fair game. Eliminating handicaps altogether and replacing them with a second slot for attacker strategy would be perfect, but that would be highly time consuming to implement.

    5) Lebron James should have a rating higher than 85 in Court Battles and Street World Tour; it is surprising that more than 20 players are rated higher than him.
  • How about a FANTASY DRAFT for FRANCHISE MODE. It would be nice to go through a whole random league!
  • It would be great if we could assign who we match up against in the live run 3v3 and 5v5 lobby before the game starts. Trying to switch during the game doesn't always work out so well because of when it actually realizes that you are trying to gaurd someone different.
  • The ability to upload custom logos so you can use it for court and Jersey creation and of course team logo. Would especially love to see that in Ultimate Team, so you would truely feel like it’s yours you’re building.
  • Can there please be a New Live Event or NBA Challenge that includes the Indiana Pacers? Every freakin challenge is for LA, NY Knicks, Warriors, Bulls, etc, but I have yet to see one for the Pacers! What gives???
  • Is there anything you can do about the lack of fouls being called in the one league mode. I have a playmaker small forward that's coming through the lane with a ton of contact dunks on 3/4 Defenders and no fouls are being called. But the CPU slightly bumps one of my guys and gets a shooting foul. I've tried playing with the sliders normal, high and low and they're still no change. Even the announcers are surprised on the game when there's no fouls. I know there's not going to be a foul every time but this is too light.
  • In ultimate team it would be great to have PLAYER ROTATION added so you can control the minutes of you bench and starters. Also an ultimate team more full game season minded mode.

    Ultimate team stats for your owned cards, how many points, games etc.
  • More headband options would be amazing. I always use them for my players, but just having white and black gets boring. Having a crate with different color headbands, fresh designs, and even other brands would be amazing.
  • I’m sorry but ea had me hooked with last years NBA LIVE 18. This year is very disappointing, the game was perfect when I played the this years demo. After all the patches the game is trash to say the least. For one weight plays no factor in the game, there should be no reason why I’m Anthony Davis is getting out rebounded by a 5’7 female ( I am far from a misogynist) but come on man if y’all really want people to stay with EA it has to do better. Not to mention the computer is impossible to get by and or crossover. The patch has has made scoring impossible. When I throw an alley my team ( if he doesn’t miss the ball) grabs the ball out the air instead of going for the oop. When I change my dunk into a lay up or change the direction of my lay up I shouldn’t look like I jumped off a trampoline mid air. And LAST BUT NOT LEAST NBA LIVE 19 LOOKS LIKE NBA LIVE 18.5
  • There are issues with some shoes and jerseys appearing as other stuff when playing.


    "What The Kyrie" shoe appears as "LeBron XII Lion Heart"

    B.Griner #42 Mercury Tank Top appears as L.Bird #33 '93 Celtics Jersey
  • JORDAN2x3
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    edited October 2018
    These pictures I took, my issues with the latest updates/patches. Fix this!!

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  • Why do you people put live events that last 1 hour, and during weird time frames!? I missed so much BAPE stuff this weekend. Most of us work, go to school, sleep during those time frames. Please make them last 12-24 hours.
  • I don't think they need to cater to online more than offline they just should make easy fixes first. You have to realize its hard to please everyone, so instead of trying to make a one size fits all create more sizes and over time make them quality. Example I don't play online, and it wouldn't take much to fix this game for me. I created a 6 foot 9 240 pounds or so and to get that height and weight i had to give up so much vertical i cant seem to dunk the ball. Ridiculous. Ea started this thing sometime ago gain one thing you have to give up something else. just get rid of that philosophy. The 18 version had a super physical rating for Anthony Davis, you couldn't create a character even close to him, why. A big thing for me in game play is the big point penalty for a bad shot. Whats the definition of a bad shot. never read it anywhere on ea. In my book if your close to the basket and you can get off a shot that wont be TRUELY defended its a good shot. Both these are easy fixes do away with bad shot penalty don't lose vertical or don't require so much vertical to dunk. At 6 9 you should only need a round a 12 inch vertical. On offense anyone even close by ruins an OPEN shot, yet you can almost be on top of a player defending and you get nailed with a let your guy take an open shot. Make it fair both ways and unless the defender can get a hand in the opponents face or jump with the shooter in true close proximity its not a contested shot. The NBA is filled with good shooters it takes far more than being near by to contest a shoot. Should be an easy fix. Lastly for me fix development of player so far in 18 and 19 your limited from becoming complete player. I want to be a good defender, re-bounder, shooter, and passer, in the past you've always been limited in some area making triple doubles hard. ( I've never made it past two seasons in career mode maybe that changes) Levels of hardness need fixed and would help the experience for everyone. The shot meter in general is to hard and picky. Make it much easier at lowest level make it virtual impossible at the highest level with plenty of levels in between, and then at least everyone should be able to score at a level that fits them, and the biggest part of any sport is scoring. You out score your opponent to win. The fundamental game play is far more important than any animation. Flying through the air and doing a double 360 tomahawk might look spectacular but if the game won't even let you dunk the ball what good is it, and i shouldn't have to play a bunch of games to earn enough points to get my vertical high enough to dunk! SPUD WEBB dunked ea.You can only fix so much at a time and as for me i would rather see simple game fixes than eye candy. Bench animation is nothing to me if i cant dunk a ball because my rating is to low. What do you want to see a cut away to your bench laughing at you cause you cant dunk! for me all that animation of replays and stuff just get in the way. One season is 82 games no time to kill with that stuff, other people like it great, I'm just saying lets just focus on fixing game play first, and then the other.
  • spindlybubble31
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    retracting this post due to discovery in further game play standby game fix post
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