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This is Pathetic for a 60$ release

How does this game have the same horrible matchmaking that nba live 18 had. It feels like the exact same game but with girls in it. Why cant you squad up and search for other squads. Please make decent matchmaking so theres not 100 squads of 3 all in their own lobbys. This is pathetic for a 60$ game to have this bad of matchmaking and to have constant disconnects when it takes 15 minutes to find a game.


  • Yeah they messed up bad. They just have to face they can’t make a basketball game. Glitches and bad gameplay.
  • You guys act like this game is terrible. It has it's flaws, but come on. This is only year 2 of a reboot. If next year has big problems, then i can see people complaining.
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