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NBA Live Mobile Season 3 Technical Problems

I have logged in for 16 days straight and still no Embiid upgrade token unlock.

Overall, the game is still good. Many of the changes made to balance the game and to reward the developer(pay-to-play) have backfired dreadfully! At this time, my player stats or unique team development mean absolutely nothing. Unbalanced sliders in favor of the CPU make the offensive and defensive stats nearly irrelevant. The combination of my play skill, my team, as well as individual player stats are negated in their season. I miss open 3-pt, +20, and a good shooter; at total random while being unable to miss at other times...what is going on at EA? Are you pushing your loyal fans away?


  • I'm in the game changes not for the better,was a lot of donation for real money,you repel the audience of good players,how come the new season, the auction does not work once the Event with Harden, he appeared at the auction why??? the harden which I gathered he is not the auction why???
  • Good day, the auction is not working in the NBA life mobile season 3.Please fix
  • Good day, another question to the developers, why when I have ovr 79 it's hard for me to beat ovr 82 although I play very well as it is not logical to do a victory due to the high ovr.
  • Good afternoon, the player Artem UID 96334273 in the opposing squad took 692 places, but the player was not given. Please help
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