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Things the game needs to improve on.

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edited September 2018
On ball defense needs to be fixed. Need to make Cpu inbound ball faster when trying to call for it quickly. Need to be able to move around to get open to receive the ball from inbounder when playing offline modes, or any mode with a cpu. The user also gets stuck standing there and you can't move to get open for the inbound pass, and the other user team mate cant come up court to get a pass because they're stuck on the other end of the court when playing live run games. Performing step back shots need to stop pumpfaking the ball and raise up for the shot when performing the move properly. Need to be able to control your players movement on and off ball, 100%. Too many animations restrict the user to control everything the player does off ball and on ball. Just running in a straight line on a fast break, the game makes you curve to the spot where the game thinks your going to go, instead of where your actually trying to go. Shot meter is too fast to time it properly.
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