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Court Battles

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edited September 2018
The consecutive streak (6) challange is brutal with handicaps in place. After 30 minutes or so of playing it, my battle session finally timed out, thank gawd. In the end, there was no winner and the final score/streak was 3 to 4. For some strange reason once I got a streak going it would zero out without me missing a shot. Anyway, this challenge need some tweeks to it. For now, I'm avoiding it.


  • Court battles are awful. I'm stuck at level 21 hype because my opponents are the same 10 people in different order. Not to mention, my achievement/trophy didn't unlock.
  • The worst part about Court Battles is the Handicaps since they are very unrealistic. In real basketball, teams do not get handicaps since opponents would get an excuse why they lost. The most frustrating part of the game is when the attacker imposes their handicap on my court. Having their choice off game and strategy is fair, but imposing their handicap is just impossible to recover.
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