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Glitch by Showdown and league vs league mode

Hey guys,

Why so many teams are always posting 20-4?

I want to talk about a glitch that makes your team play better. You must do a post move with your PF without shooting the ball, after that the ball of the shooting bar will be bigger and the performance of your team by defense is improved. I just discovered it randomly; I would dare to say there is more of such a tricks, since by SD and LVL mode is quite constant that top teams are posting scores over 20 and limiting my team to 0-4 points (80 overall and 130 in the two previous SD). I hope EA takes a stand on this, since the game must give equal possibilities to all and this is a bit unfair and a ricicoulous gameplay, since it is not mentioned anywere and makes no sense, at the moment of SD mode.

Do you know guys any other similar issue, how are you doing on this modes?

Regards Gabs
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