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    Player models all look like little kids with big heads. Every player in the game needs to have broader/Wider shoulders. Please PATCH it this year EA. I don't see why this can't be fixed this year. We are playing with NBA men, not NBA kids. I don't even understand how this made it past the art team. I can't take NBA Live seriously with their player models looking like little kids.

    The size of the net is too narrow at the bottom. Even NBA 2K playgrounds has their net looking more accurate than NBA Live's.

    Ball to rim physics need a major overhaul as well. The way the ball hits the rim looks really clunky.

    Free Throw shooting animations need a major overhaul. They look really bad compared to the competition. We need more signature free throws and all free throw shooting animations need to be smoother. They look and feel clunky. We should have to hold the button longer to get a perfect release when shooting free throws. Not rarely tap it.

    We need more signature dribbling animations.

    Bigmen like Anthony Davis should not be getting out-rebounded by Candace Parker.
  • Can we get multiple users for franchise mode?
  • You guys should add throwback teams n all-star weekend with 3 point and dunk contest
  • please in a future update of the game put in adjustments or at the beginning of the game to be able to change the language of the game like other games of EA like the fifa thank you very much for reading this commentary
  • It would be awesome if the next patch has the following playable centers for court battles with 92 overall attributes since there are no centers currently at that level for court battles: 1) Hakeem Olajuwon, 2) Patrick Ewing, 3) David Robinson. They are available as AI players in Street World Tour, but are not playable. Thank you.
  • how about instead of adding new sneakers to the shop, the developers work on adding more uniforms including classic uniforms for all the NBA teams. Both madden and nhl has an endless selection of uniforms and your arch enemy the nba 2k series also has a huge amount of uniforms, yet nba live continues to give us only 3-4 uniforms. Actually pretty sad... and while your at it, why not give us legendary teams to choose from as well.
  • Please add Micheal Jordan. He's always been a part of this franchise, even when he came back wearing the 45. Is he not agreeing to be in it? It really sucks to see him on 2k and not live.
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