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Street Difficulty

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Am i the only one that thinks Street is way to difficult for what it should be i on the 3 to last game of the street almost completed all of it but as i went ahead the game gets more impossible ima 98 overall and it got me playing like ima 60 its so stupid. They steal the ball everytime you pass it. Every shot or lay up you take whether its wide open or a good release you miss. The computer defense is so hard to get around no matter what dribble moves you do they either keep pushing or double team you. Also the opposing team plays really well as for my team not so well. Nobody guards there man and when they do they make the bucket almost everytime. Another thing everytime the opponent misses a shot nobody grabs the rebound or when the ball is loose nobody attempts to get the ball back. It kind of feels rebounding and recovering loose balls is broken. It just needs to be toned down just a enough or let us adjust the difficulty like how we can for League cause i play league it feels way more balanced then i jump in street and that is just way to difficult for any others that want to complete it.


  • Streets is broke now after the update. I am a level 92 and can't make a layup, the Ai makes all layups, contested 3's, they steal almost all passes and take the ball away from my team at will.. This game mode isn't fun to play now since these updates...
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    yeah same thing here. Something happens to the stats. Me and my team are all 10s and their team is all 95s or something. The AI on my team is trying to win the game for the other team. They don't even attempt rebounds, get in the way, miss all shots, basically play like idiots. Other team is full of the greatest players of all time apparently. They don't miss and all have 752 for speed so they just go around you and are unguardable.
    Make the other team as good as you want but don't nerf all my stats. This is annoying and defeats the purpose of leveling stats.

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  • Yo I notice it as well. I have someone like Andre Drummond on my team who is suppose to be a rim protector but for the life of me, that man can't even protect his face from being punched if im honest. The other team's jimmy butler shoots a mid range and misses. Drummond just sits there and does nothing while he picks it up and dunks it back down.
  • cvandijk
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    This game is ridiculous. I have played my The Crawford final 12 times and somehow lost every time. This last time, I quickly went up 12-2. It was 16-8 at half. With about two minutes left in the game, suddenly my team couldn't make lay ups. Players started not just throwing passes that got intercepted, but passes off the side of the backboard and layups were shot into the bottom of the backboard. However, the other team went on a tear and started shooting contested threes and nailing every one of them. Sue Bird went up against two seven footers in the paint and won. I lost 18-24. This is how every game goes. I may or may not have to buy a new controller as the other on was smashed against a wall... I'm a grown man throwing controllers this game is so frustrating.

    Every tournament seems to be like this. It's a problem and makes the game anything but fun.
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