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Tip-off event problem

The new event the tip-off event I am at the 86 center on the last thing to get him and it says you have to have 3 tip-off elites and I have them and it will not let me play the last event to get the 86 center.


  • Yes, I have this same problem. I have 6 total elite players in my tip off lineup but it will not let me access the challenge for the 86 ovr Wilt.
  • noahcrowe
    28 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    Ea told me to post it to get one of the editors to help. because they could not do anything when I email them
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  • EA_David
    307 posts EA Community Manager
    Hi, can I get the following info:

    UID: (you'll find this on the settings page)

    What elites do you have? Any screenshots of the error and your players would help.

    Thank you.
  • noahcrowe
    28 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    olemiss and iPad
  • It want let me add in my photos. I have 80 overall Dennis Smith jr, 80 overall demar derozon, 80 overall Robert coverton, 80 overall lebron James, 80 overall Dwight Howard, 80 overall Ricky Rubio, and 80 overall nikola Vucevic
  • UID: 12823291
    Location: USA
    Platform: iPhone 6 Plus
    Elites in my Tip-Off lineup: 80 John Wall, 80 Dennis Smith JR., 80 Demar DeRozan, 80 LeBron James, 80 Karl-Anthony Towns, 80 Myles Turner.
  • My UID 6591232
  • Mine is still not working.
  • EA_David
    307 posts EA Community Manager
    Thank you. On the Requirements page is there a checkmark in the "You must Complete the previous Challenge in order to complete this event"?

    Do the previous challenges show as complete? Again any screenshots will help.
  • Yes all the previous challenges say complete
  • Here are my screenshots
  • noahcrowe
    28 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    How do you post a screenshot
  • EA_David
    307 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey, it's worth noting that you need the 82 OVR Elite Tip Off "Heroes" rather than the 80 OVR Elite Tip Off Players, I think this might be the source of the confusion here.

    @noahcrowe At the top of the text box for posting, there are a few formatting tools, and there's a picture tool, between the "link" icon and the option to format your text to the left.

    Click that and you can add a link to your image. Folks usually use a site like imgur to host.
  • I got one tip off hero
  • This stinks how come the whole event you had to get one 80 overall player and on the last one you had to get 3 82 or better players what the heck. Come on.
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