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my Showdown reward 85 OVR Elite

Thank you for contacting EA help. My name is Priyavrat and I would assist you with your issue today.

Joni, I see that you completed in top 10 with 1.8 Million fans in Showdown event; however, you didn't receive 85 OVR Elite player in the game. Being a gamer I can understand how frustrating it may be at your end. Please be assured, your concern is our priority and I will do my best to assist you regarding the issue.

The in-game features are designed by developers and can be changed by them. Games are based on mechanism and algorithm. Anything you receive or achieve in the game are server based and being a customer support we can not change it.

However, I really appreciate you for coming here and provide us your valuable feedback. Your feedback/suggestion always help us to improve our game and services.

I'm feeling glad in telling you that I have forwarded your concern to the studio team so that they can investigate this further and take the corrective actions to make in game functions more enjoyable.
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