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What up #NbaLiveCommunity this is Prime I am informing everyone that participates in the Ea Forums to gladly participate on the panel. I do the Insight every Friday at 9pm eastern standard time on my channel and @Clueminati and @EA_Roger and @NatureBoy2323 you 3 gladly join as well. Everyone in the community is welcome to join the panel so if you like to join gladly follow me on Twitter @Prime_76 and I hope I hear from or see others in the community participate. Here is the channel

Truth Is Standard #Nlvc


  • NatureBoy2323
    3651 posts Game Changer
    Thank you @Prime7476, I appreciate the invitation.
  • Can we get roll inbound animation so we can play the clock at close games
  • And why is it the only mode that gets current roster updates is Play Now? Who plays Play Now besides 10 year olds and casual novices. It seems like EA is trying to drive people away from the Franchise mode into the other modes. I'm hot as fish grease! 🔥 🔥 🔥 I can't play this game anymore.
  • You gotta be kiddin me! That doesn't make any since! How can you not use updated rosters in a NBA season? So they expect you to use outdated rosters throughout your entire season? So you have to start your season over every time a new roster update drops? Am I in the wrong mode to play a full 82 game season with the latest rosters? If that's the case, there should be a regular season mode separate from the Franchise mode. Your only option to play a full season is on Franchise with outdated rosters?? 🤔
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