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NBA Live - 12/4 Live Content Update

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What’s up NBA LIVE peeps,

We have a new Live content update, check out the details here:
  • New store update
    1. All new unreleased shoes and gear
    2. Jerseys from this month’s top performers
    3. Holiday throwback "gifts" for icons – 3 throwback jerseys exclusively for Icons at only 1000 RP each, all through December.
    4. CANVAS Madsteez items for sale
    5. New Court Battles players
  • Roster Update
    1. Including Kyle Korver trade
  • Various fixes
    1. Fixed various issues with legends in court battles not appearing with their proper team info, portrait info or gear.”

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  • Can we make a shooting guard now?
  • Dnf% under online points for H2h and leaderboards for court battles
  • Are the Lebron 16, Kyrie 5, and the new puma clydes going to be in the game along with the latest basketball sneakers? Will we ever be able to take those under shirts off the players that aren’t actually wearing them in real life? I love this game but I am starting to believe I am going have to buy nba 2k19 to get what I want to see in an nba video game. I don’t want to but I am starting to lean in that direction.
  • Are there ANTAs on Klay or WOW 7 on DW? Get us more shoes,dude
  • Do you think on adding the new Earned jerseys for 16 teams that are getting them, including golden state, toronto, and oklahoma city.
  • Quick question Im sure all of us want to know.....Will Michael Jordan ever be added to your Updates?
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