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NBA LIVE 19 - 12/13 Title Update Details

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What’s up NBA LIVE peeps,

Here are the deets to the latest Title Update to NBA LIVE 19:

Please feel free to drop any questions or feedback concerning the latest update to NBA LIVE 19 here. We will be back next Thursday at 3pm Eastern Time to answer questions!

General Updates
  • 3v3 Score to Win set to 15 Points
  • Users with a Level 100 Created Player will now be able to start their second Created Player at Level 50
  • Earned Edition Jerseys added to 5v5 Game Modes

  • Tuned momentum jump shots to still have Green releases available to players who should be able to shoot at higher percentages while moving forward or laterally in either direction. Green releases will not be available if these players are sprinting.
  • Tuned ball carrier fatigue to drain slower when a player is out of short term stamina and faster when short term stamina is full. This will help balance the rate that fatigue is applied and not over-penalizing a player who is already drained.
  • Tuned variables that impact shot percentages for shots around the rim. Inside Shots and Layups will now better-factor openness vs. being contested. More open shots by players capable of finishing will go in and shots that should have been impacted by defense will result in misses.

  • New Speech: Commentary reactions to Ankle breakers to add some additional excitement to NBA / WNBA broadcast.
  • Banter logic improvements (e.g., Jimmy Butler no longer being referenced as though he’s still on the Timberwolves)

  • Bug fixes for cameras where the players would be off-screen during an inbound after a violation.
  • Bug fixes for Crowd not reacting appropriately at the end of timed pro-am games.

Court Battles
Restructured Reward Tiers in Court Battles for owned courts and added a 4th Tier.
  • Tier 1: Own 2 Courts
  • Tier 2: Reduced from Owning 5 Courts to 4 Courts
  • Tier 3: Reduced from Owning 10 Courts to 7 Courts
  • Tier 4: Own 12 Courts
Added all Court Rules to The One Store to purchase for 100 RP Each.

Roster Updates

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  • I have a question? When are the shoes going to be updated that the players are actually wearing in the game? For example, the kyrie 5, the LeBron 16’s, and the puma Clyde’s? Just to mention a few. Are they going to be in the game at all? I am curious. The gameplay improvements are fine, it’s just the editing of players gear that I have a problem with and the lack of updated sneakers. I thought the goal was to compete with nba 2k19.
  • If you want all of 2K fans need to make it remote play friendly
    2 posts New member
    When will the Pistons and Bucks Arenas be updated to their new arenas? The game has the new arena names and courts, but both teams are still playing in what looks like the palace and bradley center.
  • shadtj
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    edited December 2018
    Can you add in H2H able to choose to play superstar or all star level in online matches. Also on the leader board show what teams people play with the most. Add tournaments 4,8 and 16 games with the winner having a tournament 🏆 or badge In the leader board. Let us earn points towards gears in wins. Let us wager RP points or gear depending on quality before our online match against the opponents.

    We should have a desire and reasons to play H2H. WINS AND LOSES is not enough no more.
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  • bboypr24
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    edited December 2018
    Maybe a silly question but Level 100 or 99? If 100, how do I reach that?
  • shadtj
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    edited December 2018
    Franchise mode
    1.We need to be able to veto any trade with CPU teams.
    2.We should be able to watch cpu teams play. We should have in game cut in scenes from other games during games or halftime.
    3.Practice with our team.
    4.better celebration with teammates and crowds.
    5. Takeaway the wipe me down celebration and less of boxing guard pad celebration.
    6. Add skill challenge and 3 point contest at all star break.
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  • Users with a Level 100 Created Player will now be able to start their second Created Player at Level 50
    is that only on second players or all p a yers after your first
  • monsieuryves
    7 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    bboypr24 wrote: »
    Maybe a silly question but Level 100 or 99? If 100, how do I reach that?

    Level 100 is in top right corner when in menu not overall but level homie
  • bboypr24 wrote: »
    Maybe a silly question but Level 100 or 99? If 100, how do I reach that?
    When you max your player out not the actual overall
  • In the store all items should have a date or clock. That lets us know when a item will be deleted or changed.
  • BeastDeron
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    edited December 2018
    I just feel like u guys would bring in so many NBA 2k fans if y'all just made the players and the animations look more realistic but you guys are doing a good job so far just keep improving
  • I love that you guys changed the 3v3 score....you need to make to when we can pick what position we wanna play as when we playing the one most cause we have no way of making a sg this year and would be nice if we are a 100 overall we should be able to change are roster around in the one mode and manage minutes as well and ad 1v1 and 2v2
  • We need to have the 3 point contest and dunk contest back in the game for the mode and the league mode and if you wanna compete with 2k just have in the game to just play as well...add more courts for 3v3 cause it's more courts for 5v5 but not for 3v3
  • We should be able to chat with the imposing team on live run 3v3 and 5v5 to bring more competition and fun cause 2k has that feature this year
  • Turn 5v5 into a pro am thing and give each team a uniform to wear
  • And on live run the team that wins should stay in the lobby but the team that loses should be booted out so that way we are not playing the same team over and over unless they so happen to get back into your lobby cause nobody else is own the game and of your playing with friends then you should get booted to a new lobby where you can open the lobby back up to play a new team and find away to show a win streak so the new team you playing can be like oh know we wanna end that streak lol
  • Whatyeaokay
    2 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    At some point you have to add more free throw post and other animations. When is the pre injuries going to be fixed and when is the NBA and WNBA portion going to be addressed add the new shoes for players and to the store. What happened to hard fouls from EA play You guys are starting to loose your hardcore fanbase. I do appreciate the work you guys and gals are doing if you not going to do anything major with the NBA WNBA portion this you should let your sim heads know and try to give us something that appeal to us that will keep our attention
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  • Hey can I make a shooting guard now? Lol
  • For my taste the game is much better than the competition and I had both, but as a point of improvement I would say that it can be improved with an update of the 3D players, especially of players who do not come out real in 3D like Allonzo Trier, Mykhailiuk, Melton, Kostas Antetokounmpo, Vanderbilt, Bruce Brown Jr., Alize Johnson, Diallo, Melvin Frazier ...It seems little but it helps to reach perfection. Nor is it wrong to update the ratings of players depending on the moment they go through, for example Derrick Jones Jr, Bembry, Iwundu ...
  • Roster sharing would be huge for franchise and play now players.
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