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  • I love nba live19 because it is not 2k. The gameplay has improved, player movement still needs more work, but it is still a fun game to play. EA is definitely moving in the right direction and I hope they continue to improve. The players look more athletic than 2k, the uniforms on the players look more realistic too. The lack of updated shoes is annoying, also the lack of ability to fully edit the players is annoying as well. I love the arcade feel of the game too. The career mode is good for one season. Also I feel we should be able to earn currency on all modes.
  • Sniper badge final upgrade “getting green release boosts mentality” always puts my mentality back to neutral. Maybe I don’t understand how mentality works but I thought when you have full “mentality” your mentality bar is full green. Not at neutral. Correct me if I misunderstand the icon upgrade. Thanks and I love you all for your feedback
  • jc_evo2
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    Why do the players with earned jersey do not have socks?
  • jc_evo2
    6 posts New member
    Can you update the courts for all the team please that would be helpful to dethrone 2k right?and can you have a download with less 8GB download?
  • Merry Christmas dev team can we get a patch fix for this pre existing injuries and injuries please contested shoots needs to looked at pass interception needs to be addressed with blocks. Can it modified on a player by player basis instead by sliders we need more simulation players are playing a little more like themselves more free throw, shot, an dribble animations please we need more individuality between players. The competition has it even though the community picks the same animations all time at least they have the option offline mode for offline players need love give the more of competitive game play and simulation they will be happy or a competitive space and you will here a cry of joy from hardcore live fans
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    It is ABSOULUTELY crazy that no players, created or CPU controlled can make layups. If you want video footage i can make a highlight reel of every missed layup that doesn't make sense. 7ft players posting up 6ft players MISS and even THROW THE BALL OVER THE RIM like they have no fundamentals.
    Please fix this im begging you, this is making me hate the game.
    Lebron on a FAST BREAK misses a layup just because someone was trailing him. The physics are SO off.
    My "The One" player misses layups and he's at an 85 and gets to the rim with ease but Im at a point where i can simply expect to miss if someone is close enough to make eye contact with him on the drive. IT IS SO BAD!
    i don't know how else to put this. Something is broken. James Harden, Lebron, The greek freak, KD, VC, Westbrook ALL OF THEM miss layups that baffle me, so what they get bumped a little or a defender is beside them they shouldn't be missing so badly and EVERY TIME. It makes me so angry.
    Im FULLY willing to make youtube video highlighting the severity of this problem. It makes no sense at all. Words do no give you the full picture.
    Drive to the lane with Magic Johnson on a fast break and a defender is behind him and yet he misses like he's never laid the ball up before in life. These are LAYUPS not behind the back dunks, not crazy long range 3s. Layups shouldn't be the most difficult shot to make in the game but they are now. What is going on and how will this be fixed. i KNOW I'm not the only one who noticed this. This has 0 to do with how i play because i get to the bucket with ease and if anyone is around me they ALWAYS miss. Not sometimes, ALWAYS. I have an easier time making 3's from deep with a 73 rating and no contested shot traits.
    And please don't change that either. But please fix the LAYUPSSSSS!!!
    This is beyond madness.
    Someone tell me if they want a highlight reel of all the missed layups that would NEVER have been misses in reality I've got so much footage already saved for the occasion.

    I know im not the only one with this problem but im the only vocal one. so its time to get vocal. Please make the layups better. Redefine what a "contested" layup is or whatever is necessary. because there is a 100% chance you miss a layup if you're not 10 feet away from a defender Anthony Davis posting up against Maya Moore should NEVER be a challenge for Davis to make a layup when he attempts the layup. Yet he misses like Moore is 9 feet tall and its infuriating.
    Again if you really need video to see how bad it is im MORE than willing to post it to youtube.

    I dont care about shoes, i dont care about court designs i dont care about ANYTHING please fix the gameplay and the layups. Ive NEVER seen so many missed layups in a game by both the computer and players. I cant make one, and neither can the computer. Its not fun anymore
  • Mahati572
    7 posts New member
    I agree
  • Does EA even look at these posts? A lot of the posts tell them what to do to make the game more enjoyable. Do they care at all!
  • Matt_baby
    277 posts Member
    edited January 2
    I’m loving the game guys. Keep on improving. We’ll get there. Loving the online head 2 head play and 3vs3 & 5vs5 play.

    NBA Live 20 Wishlist:
    An Online Franchise is needed with commissioner options to choose legends or current players.

    Also make a connected franchise with your The One player. Connected franchise with other players and you only control your player.

    All Star Weekend mode is needed. At least play the Rookie & All Star Games

    Add more courts to 3v3 & 5vs5. Be able to play on your court and NBA Courts. Add 5vs5 to a game of 21. Sometimes I don’t want to play 5vs5 for 4 quarters. Also there needs to be a captain for both teams that can call timeouts and make coaching changes
  • Why are these updates always so big?? For what’s seemingly minor tweaks??
  • Do i need to have ps plus on ps4 to play online
  • brandanderson
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    edited February 26
    so when am I going to be able to get the kidding around trophy or the clutch trophy? I've completed both them things multiple times and nothing

    [Edited for language. - EA_Cian]
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