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Exaggeration of players and cloying game

I feel like doing this topic, I really like the game, but I have to say that this game is focusing on you getting players and more players and not using them for anything. It lacks a real competitive mode because the dispute is far from fulfilling this question, it would be legal to have a number 2 dispute where there were pre-defined teams and that there was no handcap interference so that the players competed technically for the first place in the ranking. Among other things, what good is so many players if we do not use them for exactly anything.


  • Totally agree. We collect and collect players, but we have no stamina to use them against other users. In 1 day I play 2 league matches and 2 showdown matches (sometimes 3, if I lose amany match) for daily objectives, and all the other stamina I use for the events, because there are not enough stamina to compete my team against other users. I don't understand, why the EA doesn't see it, that it is not ok. The showdowns matches should be free or maximum for 1 stamina. Otherwise nobody will play showdown matches for 20 stamina. It is too much, when we have events with 75, 50, 25 stamina. It is not ok.
  • amany match = a match
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