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Fix Core Mechanics

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edited January 2019
As a player that plays on a daily basis it is very hard to not get angry at mechanics this game has. I spent around 300000 in game coins to buy a dearon Fox 93 from the event. I went into a showdown and used him. He has a 88 three I believe but he missed not one not two not three open shots but four. This is just ridiculous and makes it exceptionally hard to grind through showdown when u get screwed like that.

Secondly add an ACTUAL foul system to the game, scoring with contact is obscene, sometimes the defender will grab both arms and throw you to the floor but no call, he will jump into your body and completely flaw you, no call. But when I run up the court and nudge Kyrie Irving he flops and it’s a charge. There had been so many charges were my player has set a screen and the defender just runs into him. Please this is the most important thing to fix as it has ruined my showdown experience of the game

remove offensive and defensive boosts to teams that are higher overall, this just makes actually impossible to win showdowns in higher levels versing 93 overalls. Always make it a jumpball, not the player with the higher overall starts with the ball.

FIX REBOUNDING. Omg a Stephen Curry out rebounded Joel Embiid 4 times in the same match. It is so frustrating because they always get the rebound and just put it straight back up and it’s impossible to block, so how bout the rebounding stat actually matters instead of it just being a figure to make he player feel better.

Lastly, the bench. What is the point of having a beach when you can’t make in game subs to fix holes and lack of offence and defence. He other team is stomping you but you bring in a player hat counters there entire team, that’s the whole point of a bench, make it useful. Also please make season games 5 minutes.

You need to fix these issues ea, the competitive side of this game is basically pointless, I feel if these were to be resolved it would actually be a great game
Thank You
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