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First off I do enjoy Live but the 3 point shooting is despicable how is it you cannot hit a shot unless you're wide open that is totally inaccurate and horrible NBA players are able to knock down contested shots at a high rate or a damn near half court shot without a problem when the game first released the shooting was perfect now it's all screwed up also why does it feel like my player is running in a wind tunnel when I'm trying to Sprint down court or stay on defense and the defensive assist trigger should be more aggressive and more accurate when locking down on a player these issues need to be address lastly the ICON PATH skills need to be true to the player you've chosen on each path the skills set that you do receive are not accurate to that player you've chosen Allen lverson for instance was a beast his Crossover was lethal and his shooting rating was much higher and LeBron James is the most clutch player in the league as well as Ray Allen his 3point shooting was dynamic he was unstoppable in his prime. This is the best NBA LIVE I've played snice 2014 so please fix's these issue and be the Kill Shot that 2K needs.
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