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NBA LIVE - 01/17 Live Content Update

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What's up NBA LIVE peeps,

Check out our new Live content update here:

Update contents:
  • Bug fixes – Fixes various Live Event data issues with certain player likenesses not appearing properly.
  • Updated/added Live Events Data
  • Updated transactions
  • Updated lineups
  • Updated player gear

The following teams have updated starting lineups:
  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Charlotte Hornets
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Washington Wizards
  • Dallas Mavericks

Player likeness udpates based on player feedback:



Inactive injured players:
  • Damian Jones (GSW)
  • Kevin Love (CLE)
  • JJ Barea (DAL)

  • JR Smith (CLE) ; Reason: Coach's decision
  • Dennis Smith Jr. (DAL); Reason: Injury / Coach's decision / pending trade

Roster updates:

Patrick McCaw for Toronto Raptors with #1 Jersey

The NBA Live Team!
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  • mpgscat1
    4 posts New member
    Still no Pacers new jersey sponsor
  • When will yall update James Harden stepback moves. His are trash. Terry Rozier has the best stepback package in the game. Also, when will the new shoes go in the game??? I.e Harden 3, Curry 5 and 6, New KDS, PG2, New Lebrons...with the color options. Man im trying to love this game, but gear and things is very important to me.
  • I agree with you 100%! The lack of updated shoes are killing me. Just that alone is starting to make me hate this game. Also those stupid undershirts are on players that aren’t even wearing them in real life is another thing that gets on my nerves. I don’t understand it. 2k may get you with the vc but at least their game is up to date with the players gear and editing. If EA wants to compete with 2k that is one of the first things they need to change.
  • Where's the dislike button?? Stop complaining about the shoes when gameplay needs to be fixed and alot more. Shoes can wait they really can
  • Where's the dislike button?? Stop complaining about the shoes when gameplay needs to be fixed and alot more. Shoes can wait they really can
    Lol maybe to you it doesn’t matter but to a lot of the people does it’s a big part of basketball
  • Really! Shoes, gear, and gameplay all go hand in hand. How can you put out an nba game and it doesn’t represent what’s actually in the game? Gear (shoes), full player editing, and gameplay are just to name a few of the things that needs to be improved in the game. With that being said it is still a good game. Gameplay is important, but the updated gear (shoes) matter too!
  • See this is why NBA live is falling behind 2k they dont fix or add the things that is needed to the game. They too focus on live event stuff. Add some more content to your franchise mode to make it more enticing. Like more animations not that stiff stuff but great fluid animations. Real player intros have the crowd boo the opposing team and players at special moments like player intros and when star players get the ball. Also more historical Jerseys. Also add verious size up moves more dribble dunk and layup packages. One last thing add custom roster editing and sharing so we can edit draft classes and have the real draft class for our franchise mode. You can also fix the out of bounds and backcourt force field that keeps players from going out of bounds and back court in the franchise mode.
  • Thank you some one who remember it's a NBA game to
  • I play street and play now only
    But NBA updates rarely come so can't mix it up no more I'm dun
  • Thanks for the update, it takes alot of hardwork to see even small changes in games like this. So thanks
  • So when are we going to be able to play as a shooting guard in the one?????
  • dude, are you guys seriously updating Joel Embiid to Western Conference center in 1 vs 1 scrimmage?
  • Is derrick rose hair updated? The guys above mention what we want for an update and im just here asking for the update on drose hair THANKS EA
  • 72393tm
    3 posts New member
    can you take the shirt off jason tatum?? please!
  • Can we please get a soundtrack update. I just recently played madden I hear they added new music. Live needs to do the same. Also new courts for the streets world tour
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