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NBA Live - 01/25 Live Content Update

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The NBA is a crazy place – right now, we’re seeing a host of players fighting through injuries, having career years, and even struggling to perform to the level they’re capable of. The community has been asking for some updated ratings, and we heard you, so here’s your latest rating and roster updates!


The biggest name in the NBA is still LeBron James. But, as he’s been on the bench with a nagging injury the last few weeks, we’re seeing a drop in OVR from a 97 to a 96. Over his last 15 games prior to getting injured, he averaged just 31% from three-point range on over five attempts per game – a far cry from the level he was shooting at over the last two seasons.

Another former MVP who saw his OVR decrease was Russell Westbrook. This really comes as a result of his horrendous shooting this season. Yes, he’s on pace for another triple-double, but Brodie needs to figure out his FG percentage because he’s currently at 41.6% on the season. This would be the lowest since his rookie year, where he shot sub-40%.

James Harden and Joel Embiid, two key members of the NBA LIVE team, have each seen an increase in ratings and haven’t disappointed. Harden is currently the favorite to repeat as MVP and is doing it in spectacular fashion, stringing together the most impressive scoring run in the modern era. At this point, he is only looking up to Wilt Chamberlain over the course of this impressive streak. While we can talk all we want about Harden’s free throws or usage rate, the efficiency speaks for itself – he’s not only shooting well, but he’s creating offense and opportunities for his teammates at a historic rate.

Three other players worth highlighting are Pascal Siakam, Buddy Hield, and D’Angelo Russell. Each of these players are candidates for the Most Improved Player of the Year award and will see boosts to their OVR’s. D’Angelo has the highest rating and has really matured into the player the Lakers envisioned him to be – Brooklyn, a playoff team all-of-a-sudden, is reaping the benefits.

Buddy Hield has turned into one of the best shooters in the league – it’s actually mind-boggling, but he’s shooting 47.8% from the field on 16 attempts per game and 45.5% from three on 7.5 attempts from distance each game. Those numbers put him up there with some of the greatest shooters for efficiency and percentages – put some respeck on Buddy’s name.

Siakam is somebody who was probably the least likely to be put on a list like this, but has seriously turned into a do-it-all big. On offense, we see him regularly bring the ball up and set up the offense as an accomplished ball-handler and capable shooter. On defense, he is comfortable switching on any player and any position – something that only a handful of defenders in the league can do. He has the speed to keep up with guards and underrated strength to stay on bigs larger than him.

To see a full list of ratings updates, see the table below:


Adjusted Starting Lineups

Store update
Featured items:
  • Black History Month shoes added
  • 1000 RP “gift”: Nike Equality t-shirt
  • New Nike Team logo t-shirts added
  • It’s a Living CANVAS court items
  • Icon and Association team shorts have been added to “Fan Collection” crates.
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  • You guys really need to adding a secondary position to players in the roster as the player rating drops dramatically when you play him out of position. For example check out Justice Winslow of the Heat now playing point.
  • 72393tm
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    Can we take the undershirt off Jayson Tatum?? it’s ruining playing with the celtics
  • JORDAN2x3
    34 posts Member
    edited January 25
    Why aren't female characters able to purchase or equip icon and association team shorts?
  • 72393tm I am with you on that! Even boogie cousins is wearing one and he isn’t wearing one in real life.
  • monnyb
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    edited January 26
    This is pathetic. Those shoes aren't even up to date. This is beyond unacceptable. Lazy lazy lazy...

    Edited to remove swearing + all caps. Let's watch the language, thanks. - EA_Cian
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  • finally new stuff! side note: there's never anything special for headbands and there could be more court logos and graphics in store
  • Please fix the shooting , on live 19 to make it easier to make a basket please give us a second opinion, it so hard to make threes on y'all game or shot's period
  • jc_evo2
    6 posts New member
    Hey EA how about the city and earned courts of all nba teams and the shoes needs to be updated ASAP please take care about it to be the best basketball game it could possibly be thank you.
  • Give us Michael Jordan! Pay him whatever and get him in the game! What kind of a game would it be without MJ?
  • For the love of god please make it possible to create a SG in The one. It sucks when I make a Wing Scorer 6’6 and he is a SF.
  • Why are these updates +-8gbs? Madden, Fifa even battlefield are never this big and they have way more content??
  • What the hell
  • I was instructed to update and now it won't let me play since I updated it.
  • So I was wondering can we get the MASK of Wilson Chandler and put a tshirt on under the jersey please?
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