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Why? Why constantly change gameplay for worse?

6 posts Member
edited February 2019
I don t understand, why you, EA, change gameplay of this game, and always for worse...Why you lower 3pt shooting percentage? I play a lot on 3pt, almost for two years. And now, its pointless. Today, I got Harden 96 (97 for 3pt) and miss 4 times in a row. This is ridicilous. This should be a best card for 3pt, and he has only 50% for 3pt (including cluch). Also, this season, no bonuses for 3pt. You from EA obiously try to ban 3pt shooting for basketball. Its unclear why, lots real teams use 3pt shootig in games. Please fix this, because, this will be a reason for me, and lot of my freinds to stop playing this game. Why you try to ruin this game for us, your players? Why so much disrespect for your long time players? Please dont change a gameplay for worse. Plese fix 3pt shooting.


  • What is more the opponent isn't that inefficient at 3pt for some reason. Each 3pt the Computer takes is likely to be in. They URGENTLY have to rebalance those EXTREMELY LOW 3pt shooting chances, or else the game will turn to a disaster. Imagine a match played only with dunks and layups... Boring to say the least
  • I KNOW. Showdown is literally impossible. All my 92+ players can’t seem to make ANYTHING! Wide open, perfect three pointers from 95 Buddy Hield and 93 Jason Williams miss constantly! The computer for showdown however seems to make contested fade-away three pointers with no issue. Not to mention getting a defensive rebound is nearly impossible, and when the other teams gets the offensive rebound your player never reacts in time to block the shot. Please explain how Allen Iverson gets a rebound over Vlade Divac (and it’s not just one example)! It’s honestly wierd. It’s like the algorithm sees you’re winning and nerfs you while completely boosting the opposing team. This is outrageous!
  • And nobody here, from EA doesnt give us any answer to our questions. Why? They know it is a deal breaker, thez messed up, but obiously they didnt care for their players, or they dont know how to fix it? Shame on you, EA!
  • vzhan96
    2 posts New member
    How to beat 95 ovr team in showdown with 88 ovr team :<
  • Not just the gameplay, the game plan is getting worse too. Now we can not to sell some player, i have 2 KAT from CNY event and i can not to sell it. And they said to give us the new dunk moves variation but not in the 5v5 games, just 3v3. EA, do not make the game a lot harder to play.
  • Bro I don't agree with you, the game play has changed for best** wasn't like bfr that once u hv a higher overall than ur opponent is an automatic win** Now your efforts makes u win not some B's! Overall
  • Because they can't make the computer competitive against us, against the humans, and they chose the easiest way: it is always the easiest way to destroy the human's gameplay, than to sit down and to think, how to make the computer competitive against the human, without ruin the human's gameplay. It is always easier to destroy the things, than to build something.
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