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High Overall Stats but Bad Performance

2 posts New member
When I play normal season games, my 96 overall pg nail 8 consecutive 3 pointers, but as the overall of opponents increased, my player performance seem to decrease horribly. Now, I understand if there was an opponent on me as their defensive stats are higher as well, but why are my guys missing open shots, layups, and dunks just because the opponent has a high overall team? Showdown is the worst because if I get matched with a higher overall opponent, it's practically a guarantee loss. I can usually only tie the score or get a couple points ahead and then the opponent does like 15-2 on me with an overwhelming win. Also, how did Harden jump from the basket to the 3 point line in an attempt to block a shot? lol. Lastly, how are the teams in seasons like 70-80 overall but have 81+ team avg? A 70 overall opponent with 90+ stats in game.


  • Let me sum it up for you brother. Showdown gameplay is complete ****. Player stats mean **** all. Team ovr is just a number and serves no purpose other than keeping micro transactions flowing. Any questions?...
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