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All star update question

So I have around 90k all star votes and an 83 overall team. I know that I need an 84 overall team but i am out of all star tokens so I can’t get anymore players to level up my squad. I will reach the 125k spot for the captain soon but I fear I won’t be able to get it since my overall isn’t 84. Is there any other way to get All-Star players without paying real money for it.


  • Bumppp
  • Yeah I just got to 125k but can’t get lebron cause I have an 83 ovr. This is bull. They made it so that free to play players think they could get lebron, but it’s just out of reach. For once EA, let free to play players get the master!!! Change it to 83 OVR or something cause this **** doesn’t cut it
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