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Shooting While Being Guarded

@EA Sports I can not figure out why im about to shoot and my meter is green then all the sudden a def player comes near me and the green meter goes away and even if i hit the meter perfect the shot will not go in because i am defended it is trash ppl hit shots all day in ppls faces in real life there is no way a company as big as EA can keep putting out games with all these issues why dont you stop rushing games out the door because your worried about the number of the yr in the title and just produce a game that all your customers would love to play. i feel as the developer is just creating to much stuff in one game and its like the game cant handle it all.


  • They're probably gonna say its fair and run with that argument. I have a KD build who is 6 foot 9 and maxed out stats with 95 3 point shooting and 88 contested shot. I have the 3 maxed out badges shooters like me need, late to the party, open 3, and Way Back. I hit an open shot and for a brief second, its green. A defender comes and holds his hand up and all of a sudden it's gone. Like what is the badges even for at this point?
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