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NBA Live 19 career

When playing the one career mode, I have run into the issue of bad lineup management. Example: I am a 6 foot 9, 90 ovr Small Foward, my team signed Kawhi Leonard, and instead of putting me or Kawhi at power foward I am benched as a 76 ovr power foward plays instead. Why can I not start at an off position instead of being benched?


  • Yea Live gets that wrong too. The game just completely forgets about logic, and won't let you be a shooting guard or a power forward, which is very off putting for everyone. It irks me that I can't use Viinsanity as my build while my character is 6 ft 4 but he's forced to play as a small forward and not a shooting guard like Harden. Its so dumb lmao
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