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Mods/ANYONE please help me out on my lineups??

For example today's showdowns is the shooting lineup. I have Rondo as my PG EVERYONE else I'm going against has Baron Davis. I have the same guy when I worked my **** off to get him in the street lineup. So why didn't he transfer over to my shooting lineup??? Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch can someone PLEASE give me some insight???? I want Davis like EVERYONE else. Rondo can't hit the backboard if it was 50ft wide and 50ft long!! Dude can't hit a 3. Just can't win a showdown with him as my PG he lowers my OVR terribly. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!!!!


  • Muzlini
    28 posts Member
    edited March 2019
    I'd suggest you play with the best lineup you have, is not a must that you have to use your shooting lineup to play showdown just play with the best you have. I'm so not use to winning showdown games with the criteria they give to earn more fans if my best lineup already have what they require to gain certain percentage of fans is good with me if it doesn't is also good with me, i cant stress myself going on a serious losing streak just because i want to earn more fans quickly, i have a 93 shooting lineup and a 96 main lineup but i still prefer using my 96 bcx i knw i play my best with it, so I'd suggest you do the same instead of stressing urself to win with criteria to gain more fans for the day. Is not a Must so play with ur best
  • Thanks for your help. I'm just playing with my best lineup and not even caring about what lineup they suggest now!!!! Just earning what I got with the best! Thanks for the advice!!! Don't like when we pay we can't use our Lineups the way we want to it's not fair EA!!!!!!
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