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Please Fix 3point shots

Please if a 99 (3pt rating) player cant make an opened 3pt shot, I see no justice why low rated 86 (3pt rating) player make a contested or challenged shot easily this is so so annoying and frustrating. Why do Artificial Intelligence always have the upper hand against human even if their Rating is lower than mine?? This doesn't make any sense


  • I totally agree man. The level bar is way off. I get it even with the 20 and I miss. Durant 101 and the Harden 101 clutch were a big disappointment. They NEVER come through for me in showdowns!!!!! I also have Booker he can't hit either. Teams I play against have low rated 95 Korver hitting 3's over my 100 3pt guys no way!!!! I like you dude!! I read a lot of your stuff in here you have a lot of knowledge on the game!!!! Can you help me with my question I just asked??
  • PopsElites
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    I completely agree. What I can’t understand is why are they making it so hard to enjoy game. On top of the 3s being constantly missed and CPU having an advantage of your much better players is ridiculous. What’s with the full court buzzer beater shots it’s clearly nonesense and it always ends up costing you big on point differential in your showdown games. You play great D to force a shot clock violation and they just grab almost every offensive rebound. You block them and clearly says block but they call you for goaltending. You Block them but on the way down your opponent falls and gets fouls called on you and CPU shoots free throws. I have shot 4 free throws in 3 seasons of all events and campaigns and CPU clearly over 100x. Missed dunks and layups always vs higher rated. Very frustrating trying to understand game improve rated 100 now but just feels like their performance gets worse at some points scoring as low as 5 points. Then you can score as much as 26 points. I think it’s very frustrating game for a lot of good players which is sad that it takes the fun out of it in such meaningless ways. Theirs is plenty more wrong with this game we all are aware off in sure off and could go forever here. Hope they improve game experience soon because it really sounds like same problems for last 3 seasons and we are just being ignored because I see the same complaints from everyone. Thank you for reading
    Tip- most times walking the ball up instead of sprinting all the way to your spot and as soon as defender backs up you can hit top corner 3 consistent with your point guard. Look at blue meter underneath player the more lit with more space the higher your chances (supposedly)

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  • @sportznut2 bro its crazy i was even tired of complaining, since all EA do is ignore what we wrote. They never take any of it into consideration
  • @PopsElites the gameplay is unbelievably getting worse every week i noticed
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