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Difficult mode are broken

The One mode when it comes to the different difficulty mode it seems that on pro difficulty level where everything is supposed to be even you get a game where you can easily blow the other team out which shouldn't be the case it should be a Competitive game with shooter shooting, rim protector getting blocks and so forth everyone is staying in the role and being successful at it. Then Allstar difficulty is ridiculous because now you have every one on the opposite team playing lot down defense you have JJ Reddit and JJ Barea and other none shot blockers blocking shots you got rim protectors with dribble at 65 doing crossover and making step back shots constantly. Every time I drive to the rim that wide open I miss a layup even though my layups is 95 of the dunk animation triggers and it a block shot. Not to mention the other team gets better in every way and my team seems to get worse. I know that as the difficulty level goes up the game should get harder but it should all be fair to the point that players just get better in the archetypes not become and totally different player


  • I really want to believe this game is better than 2k, but me seeing Maya Moore, pushing up and contesting a shot on Giannis who is 6 ft 11 and causes him to miss, just makes me lose so much interest. I played against the hornets and every time I saw Kemba Walker and CP3 go at it, Kemba easily blows by which is understandable, but you mean to tell me CP3 can't do the same thing? Kemba hits contested lay ups and easily hits contested 3's while CP3 got cold because he missed a contested 3 from him. And CP3 is a higher overall too... The difficult modes are too unbalanced. Rookie and Pro feel exactly the same, while All-star and Superstar just completely removes reality out of the equation and expects me to believe that someone like Markell Fultz can shoot over James Harden while Harden can't even hit a contested lay up... James Harden is a Scoring machine and Live can't even get that right...
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